My World Is Spinning

Good morning! I was unexpectedly flat on my back yesterday when I woke in the middle of the night to an attack of vertigo. 
I couldn’t lift my head off the pillow without the room tilting and being overcome with nausea! I managed to get the boys off to school from my position lying on the couch
but then went right back to bed for the whole day.
 I am able to sit in the chair today so managed to reply to all of you 
who were so nice to leave comments! Thanks!
Tonight we are having a 60th anniversary party for my in-laws 
so my husband is doing much of the cooking while I direct from the chair. 
Luckily the menu was just assorted salads, crusty baguettes and store bought cake….
someone up there knew what was coming when I planned THAT menu!
Thanks Lord!
So, just a short post today to say thanks for stopping by.
Don’t know why this is happening….since I haven’t even  had a cold 
but hopefully it will keep improving!
See you next time!


  1. Oh goodness! I hope you feel better soon! Maybe there’s liquid in your ear throwing the balance off? I’m sure the party will be a success and thank goodness for a simple menu! Prayers for a speedy recovery!

  2. oh i hope you are feeling a little bit better? yes? sending virtual veggie soup your way and tons of hugs!!!! take care and enjoy the food sites : )

  3. Stopped over from BNOTP, regarding photo editing. I’m a Mac user, too, and I just want to recommend Mac’s Aperture to you for photo editing. iPhoto is nice; Aperture is pretty amazing and not expensive($80.00 +/-). Neither of them have all of the ‘effects’ that you can find on the other sites listed by Susan, but with Aperture, I’ve kept many a shot that I thought could not be redeemed…and I love the custom presets that you can create. My next purchase will be Adobe Photoshop…as soon as I save my many pennies. Sad to hear about your vertigo problem…could be a number of different things, so I won’t presume to offer suggestions. I pray that you’re better soon. Cherry Kay

  4. I really appreciate your info. I own Photoshop….albeit for my Microsoft so I guess it’s no good anymore…I will see how the iPhoto does and learn that first and then see if I want to try another version. I’m looking forward to learning the Mac!
    I am feeling much better now….hopefully it won’t return, it was awful!

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