I had an enjoyable day today out shopping and having lunch with my daughter.
We try and go every Thursday. It’s our time together.
We both love to shop and decorate.
 We first went to Michaels and I found these tin letters in the dollar aisle.
they were actually $2 each…

I think I’ll mount them on some of the pallet wood I have in the garage.
They’ll make a great header for a wall of pictures.

I have lots of family pictures that I keep saying I am going to put up but never do.
 I have been collecting some black and white funky shots of all the kids
 and need to format them and get them into some frames. 
Of course before I can do that, I have to paint the wall!
It never ends! 

To me, a home is a work in progress.
 Almost a living entity that needs to change as a family changes.
 I never can understand people who finish decorating a room and say
 “there now, all done”…. and leave it EXACTLY the same for YEARS…..
.Do you know people like that? I do. 
They are as foreign to me as if they were from another planet.
 I’m sure they think I’m strange too…..always fixing something up,
 moving furniture, making new things.
My daughter is a great decorator 
and I am going to show you some of the rooms in her house very soon. 
She keeps saying…”not yet, they don’t look good enough”. 
she doesn’t realize how adept I’ve become at only shooting 
the bits of my house that look good…I can do it in her house too!
After Michaels we went to Home Goods where she found these 
cute turquoise stools for her bedroom.

This little corner is the entrance to her new bedroom. 
They just did a big remodel of their house because they are planning to have another baby…YAY for me!
Turquoise is one of the main colors in her house and it’s really pretty.
 I know you’ll like it when you see it.
I’ll try and make that happen soon. 
Every other Thursday I take her son (my grandson)
out for a special time with his Mimi.
So this evening I did that and we had a nice time.

Sorry the quality of the pics is poor.
Since I was tied up all day I could only take them tonight
with poor lighting.
Oh well…’ll see them again later!
Tired  and off to relax in front of the TV with my husband.

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