Blue Monster Birthday Party Idea

Today is my grandson’s birthday!! Last Saturday, my daughter threw a party for him here at the house. 
Apparently, according to my grandson, we have the “party room”. 
It’s large, with a big TV and sound system and (most crucial) it’s filled with castoff furniture! 
Perfect for a bunch of middle school age kids to go crazy….apparently…LOL
I’ve shared before about the tremendously talented girls I have! 
My oldest has a blog where she shows off her amazing papercrafting skills here.

My youngest, doesn’t blog so I’m sharing the party details here. She is the detail queen! 
Every party she throws for her children is carried out so well, and on a budget too! 
This time, she and my grandson decided to use the Shaun White big blue monster as their jumping off point. 
For those out of the loop (you poor things) Shaun White is a snowboarder extraordinaire……
X-Games, extreme sports, etc. 
He has a line of products at Target and my grandson loves his blue monster Tshirts.

Here’s the monster:
Shaun White at Target
We had hoped to find the big wallie decal at our target but they didn’t have it 
so she drew pics of the monster on blue cardstock to use wherever she needed him.

The party was in the evening and I don’t use my flash as a rule 
so these are not the BEST pictures but it will give you an idea!

They decided on a Burrito Bar and a Sundae Bar

She made a banner for each. Colors were orange, blue and green

Guess who liked the sundae bar the best? He was very good and didn’t take any candy until it was time! 
She is so detailed, Hunter is even dressed in the party colors!

She used plastic cups we found at that restaurant supply store we visited last week for all the candy and burrito toppings. 
Each cup was wrapped in scrapbook paper and had the birthday boy’s initial. The blue monster served as a sign holder. 

Apparently the blue monster is a problem child and spills things and makes messes. 
So buckets were tipped over with candy spilled onto the table…

She created a large blue monster using a large, plastic Easter egg as a base. 
Pipe cleaners served as the arms and she wrapped the egg in a blue boa we found at the fabric store! 
Googly eyes were added and voila!

She made two and this one sat on a jar of candy for a guessing game.

This one was on top of the cupcake stand…

Of course, the cupcakes were monsters too….

She made banners by purchasing plain banners at the party store and adding letters and monsters.

There was also a “safe” pinata. When she first mentioned the pinata idea I had visions of broken ceiling fans and a visit to the ER for a kid whacked in the head. Apparently this pinata has ribbons dangling from the bottom and everyone pulls the ribbons until the bottom opens up and candy spills out……Whew…OK.

The sundae bar was popular

And so were the cupcakes

Hunter took on the job of licking the candles….

One thing about middle schoolers…there aren’t too many leftovers!

My grandson was thrilled when the kids at school told him he had the “coolest” party!

Hope you had a nice Valentine’s Day!
I am scheduled for a blog makeover soon so one day you’ll visit and I’ll have a whole new look!
See you tomorrow for Thursday Shopper! Doing a bit of thrifting I think…my favorite activity!


  1. Oh her party turned out so cute! Funny Kimmi asked for the same thing, a burrito and sundae bar! Must be a middle school thing? She also wants a cake like on Cake Boss, hmmm I’m not that talented! Shelli did such a great job, we were lucky to have a very talented mom to lead the way!

  2. I’m just glad your daughter opted not to make cake pops, because her eyeball cupcakes are adorable. Then again, if the blue stained her hands she would still be in the theme of things.


    (I wanted to see the burrito bar too!!)

  3. This turned out so cute. I love how she took a plain banner and customized it!:)

  4. Hunter is a real cutie. That is one cool party.

  5. So nice to meet you! Thank you for the visit and comment, also I am now a follower of your blog as well.I will be back for another visit!
    I love your hutch you painted or a clients hutch fabulous! I have a french hutch painted white myself.
    Happy Birthday to your Grandson! I have a 7th grader I can relate.My other two girls are grown and I have one lil grandson whom is very special to me~Cheers Kim

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