Dreaming of White

We had some frost last night. No snow, just frost. 
But for a couple hours, it looked so pretty with the grass all dusted white
 and the rooftops sugared like a gingerbread house. 
All gone now…..it leaves me with a longing for SNOW. 
We haven’t had any here this year. In fact, in general, North America has been low in the snow department. 
Ski centers are suffering, independent snow plow guys are out of work and the clothing industry is overloaded with Thinsulate!
However, Europe is blanketed in snow. 
This morning on the news the pictures were gorgeous!
Yes, I know snow is annoying to some…….while I am praying fervently for snow, my husband is praying JUST as fervently for NO snow!
I love it when it snows because my house is filled with an amazing white light! 
It’s different than the summer sun streaming in (although I love that too….fickle girl that I am).
Living in a place with a lot of snow would lead you to believe that warmly colored interiors would be the thing……
apparently not in Scandinavia! I often look at blogs from there and am struck by the extensive use of white! 
They are just gorgeous….take a look

I’m definitely painting my tin star white now

I could wake up in this bed any day of the week

I love this huge interior window

Obviously subway art is the rage EVERYWHERE
Are you tired of it yet? I think I am, a bit.

Love the table!

Oh my, I guess I have to add a trip to the Netherlands to my bucket list
I’ll never finish it…..

Here’s her link
I have no idea of the name because it doesn’t translate.
Speaking of translating, you MUST do it, it’s pretty funny!
I’m sure we sound equally funny when translated into Swedish!

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  1. I could happily live in any of these rooms. Great pictures. We have no snow here either and I’m so ready to be snowed in! Makes me wonder what March will bring. Have a good rest of the week!

  2. When we got up the other morning to a light blanket of snow that fell overnight, I remarked the exact same thing that you did … how much I love the quality of the light reflecting into the house off the snow. It’s so beautiful. And so are these rooms. I especially love the green and white checked floor.


  3. I agree–they are all beautiful!

  4. loved all your treasures and you put them together so well.
    soft to the soul. elizabeth
    please check out our blog at

  5. Love your pics! I’m your newest follower-stop by for a visit!

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