How to Make a Valentine’s Bouquet

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Yesterday I received a beautiful box of red roses from my honey.
I can never leave well enough alone and flowers are no exception.
I usually break up bouquets anyway and make smaller arrangements around the house.
One of my favorite arrangements is a simple rounded bouquet..
I learned to do this from a florist. She was my daughter’s foreign exchange parent.
They came to visit us in the US many years ago and one day she made a pretty 
mixed bouquet just holding the flowers in her hand. She dropped them in the vase
and voila! 
So, here is what I learned. Remember, I’m NO FLORIST and this is not great, 
but you might learn a new trick!
Before you start, remove all the leaves from the roses (or other flowers)
Never allow leaves in the water as it speeds decay.
You are going to make a ring with your fingers
as big as you can. 
Hold your fingers loosely as you are just making a circle for the flowers to rest in. 
There’s no need to grip the stems.
Start putting some stems into your “ring”.

As you drop your stems through the “ring” adjust the blooms from above moving them either up or down to create a nice rounded shape. 
The “ring” gets crowded and if you can’t hold all the flowers you have, use as many as possible and this will at least give you a good base for your arrangement and you can add flowers later to the vase.

Your stems are going to be different lengths and point every which way.
That’s what you want.
Here is a view from the top. I’ve added all I can hold. There are about five left over.
I’m ready to cut my stems.
I am using a silver ice bucket for my vase. Hold the arrangement up alongside the container and decide how long the stems need to be. You can adjust it after you make the first cut. Err on the side of too long as you can’t add length later…
OK, here they are, all cut. 
Hold the bouquet together while you place it in the container. let go and the flowers will spread out a bit. here you can see how all the stems are criss crossed. That’s good because it provides support and keeps them all in that rounded shape.
Here is is after being placed in the container. See how that shape has stayed!
Now, I will cut the remaining roses to the right length and fill them in.
If you have and additional items to add, like baby’s breath, cut them apart and add them in where you like.

Not bad for an amateur! 
Have a wonderful day!

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  2. Pretty pretty, Mr. Flibberti did good,and so did you.


  3. B*E*A*U*T*I*F*U*L Roses…
    HaPPy Valentine’s Day to YOU!*!*!
    Jeanine Burkhardt

  4. Gorgeous! Hope your day has been equally as beautiful!

  5. Love your rose bouquet! Found you on one of the linty parties and I’m now following. Hope you will stop by, Laura

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