I Love Words, Chalkboard Art and A Winner!

First off, let’s congratulate Honey at 2805 for winning the 
Twilight inspired pillow! Yay!

If the winner will forward her address, I’ll get it in the mail!
I will be putting these pillow covers in my Etsy shop if you’d like one!

On to today’s post…….
I love words! I love typography, words in books (no Kindle for me), 

A Mom’s Life by Delia Ephron

(I will do a link for this….it’s fantastic)

words in pictures

My own antique Fraktur

words on fabric

 words on rugs

words on decorative objects

whether new

or old

I put words on things I make

I collect quotes 
despair that no one writes letters
am sad that few people read actual books anymore
dismayed that so many need spell check for simple writing
 and that foreign languages are just a vehicle to improve a college application

I text (if needed), obviously love my computer, and use email all the time
having something new doesn’t always mean we need to get rid of the old

OK, here’s what I’m leading up to….
written words are pretty permanent
(unless someone tries to eliminate them)
and they give us a history, a story, something to return to…..

When the kids first came here, they arrived with a black plastic trash bag
full of clothes. The youngest (6 at the time) held his only toy, a matchbox car.
My sister and I transferred their clothes to suitcases so they could fly to Virginia.
Of course, they were overwhelmed when they arrived here and that was understandable.
From living in numerous motels to a string of foster homes, 
to then come to a 4000+ square foot home
on a creek with a 3/4 acre yard
was quite a culture shock.

I wanted them to feel that this was their space too and except for keeping it cleaned up and relatively neat,
 I squashed my instinct to ‘decorate’ their rooms 
and have let them do as they like.
They tend to be hoarders (understandable) and like to ‘display’ the things they own.
Since I grew up in a similar environment, I know that putting these things around is their version of my decorating. 
Putting my stamp on my home, making it reflect ‘me’. 
I think I love decorating and design so much because I had very little that was mine
and I SO wanted to live in a beautiful place. 
I learned early on that I could actually CREATE some of the beauty myself
because I couldn’t afford to buy it. I think by letting them feel their own way
they will discover what THEY like rather than the look I think they should have.
Maybe……we’ll find out…..
Here are their decorating ideas….

They endlessly re-arrange their treasures when they clean their rooms.
They each have a box under their bed as well which is filled with more “stuff”.
I do ask that they not put EVERYTHING out at once, so they rotate their decorations!

When we decided to take over my large walk in attic (I’m still in recovery)
I had plans to decorate that room a bit. But, after the vintage Beatles albums were knocked off the wall a few times, 
I gave up that room too.
So far, the furniture is being pretty trashed but no windows are broken.
 We lined the entire room with beadboard…..ceiling too….so they are surrounded with solid wood.
THAT was a good choice!

OK….how does this have anything to do with words?

I did proceed with one idea I had and that’s really what I wanted to show you.
The small attic area in the room that we kept provided a large enough space (I thought) to create an autograph wall.
Here’s the before (a long shot but I have no other)

That chalkboard area is the entrance to the attic
Those open areas were later filled with drawers….an attempt to corral
more “stuff”
it worked OK….but now my 18 yr old granddaughter is staying with us too and she has those drawers filled with clothes.
We just moved stuff to boxes and put it in the attic.
It’ll come out again later….no big deal.

Here’s the wall now….

Everyone who comes to visit, family and friends, old and young
(no salespeople)
signs the wall with a paint pen.
They are very creative as you can see!
My only criteria is no dissertations and no foul language
we encourage just their name because we need the room!
I can tell you that ALL their friends love it! 
Even the “too cool” people want to sign their name.
There is a permanence about signing your name here.
In years to come, they can read the names and remember their friends.
They already say “remember when “so and so” signed that?”
and it’s only been one year!

If you’re looking for a way to give your kids ownership of a space
I would highly recommend this idea.
In fact, I think we’re going to need another one before long!

This wall was painted over a door that was constructed of finish plywood.
You could do this same idea by cutting a piece of finish plywood and making hangers to attach it to a wall anywhere you like. 
I would encourage you to choose a place where it can stay.
I know that might be hard….I get it…really…
but, your kids and family will really love seeing this over time with all the memories it will bring.
Plus….I don’t think it’s bad looking at all! I chose the colors of the paint pens I wanted, 
and that’s what we use. It helps with some continuity.

So maybe you could use some chalkboard art too!

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  1. I love it. It was a good memory all of us signing that! David signed when we were just engaged! You always have such cool ideas!

  2. I would have loved a wall like that when I was a teen…um, I think I still might want one!

  3. Go for it!

  4. I love when you talk about when the kids all came to you. Is that a singing palm tree I see?


  5. Love this! I am a word girl too! Sometimes my husband thinks I get carried away, but then again, he knows I am always changing things up too.

  6. I love this! I’m thinking I could do this for my “guest book” for my wedding?? There’s got to be something we could spray over the chalk to save it forever?? Great idea!!

  7. Wow! I’m so impressed with the sacrifice that goes into making your house a home. The sense of ownership and memories that are being formed are priceless. I’m honored that you chose to share this at my All Things Home party.

    Sharon @ mrs. hines class

  8. Thanks so much for sharing this at our link party! What fun!

    Take care,


  9. what a wonderful idea!

  10. Linda Rogers says:


    Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful home, and your beautiful self. You are one special person.

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