I’m Committing A Sin Here

Remember the little girl in Annie who says
“oh my goodness, oh my goodness”
over and over?

Here I am….worrying….

I hate changes that are thrust upon me
because they NEVER seem to happen at a good time.
I make SO many decisions in a day and have made so many decisions
related to the blog and my business that I was just getting relaxed
and CONFIDENT (there’s that word again!) about how easy things were getting!

So, more decisions are coming and I worry.
Not about implementing them but about making the WRONG decision
that might cause me problems later.

I want this

Don’t we all, really?
Of course we can’t have it the way we want it 
despite what the fast food restaurants tell us.

Deep in my heart, I KNOW God cares about everything in my life,
but in my brain I think He would say
“yes, but this is not an important thing”
And in the scheme of life…it isn’t
What IS important about it is that it draws my attention away from
other, REALLY important things.
I find my mind drifting there
I spend time on the computer investigating options
I start to worry about what to do

So, your job today is to tell me this

So I can look like this

Google Friend Connect is going away March 1st
that’s SOON
I looked at 
 Linky Followers

To replace my beloved Picnik
I have tried the FotoFlexer tool and found it to be OK.
I keep using Picnik. because it’s quick but I need to transition

Is anything else happening out there in blogland that I 
DON’T know about?

What are you planning to do about Google Connect?

What editing program are you using the most?


  1. NOOOOOO Google connect? Oh my goodness! Now what? I think they are personally trying to destroy blogging! LOL Google you evil monster! Okay, I’ve calmed down….You will do great. You always do great once you embrace a change…besides, you are going to PARIS! What can be bad in life with that hanging out there?????? Love you and you’ll do fine!

  2. Thanks for the encouragement! Yes, you’re right….Paris…Paris….Paris…

  3. the thought of no google connect makes me sick! i am hoping that this does not happen! i will loose soooooo many contacts — it is making me very sad : ( sending you hugs my friend!!!! don’t worry…be happy!

  4. I have signed up for the Linky Follower tool. I like it so far. If I understand correctly you can not transfer your contacts over. You have to contact them and they have to sign up for the tool and then follow. The blog At the Picket Fence has more information about the tool.

    Have a wonderful weekend.

  5. Have you ever tried the editing program Picasa? It’s a Google product and very easy. They just added some new tools so it looks very much like Picnik. There are things it doesn’t have but hopefully they will keep adding. You should download it and take a look. I think I’m switching to Linky Followers. I am migrating to a WordPress blog in about a month so I’ll lose my GFC followers anyway. http://picasa.google.com/ Here’s the link to Picasa.

  6. I put the Linky Followers thing on my blog so people have a choice. I read all the stuff too, but I didn’t use Piknic so that wasn’t an issue, but I still got that feeling like, “just when I think I have it figured out, it’s gonna change”.

    So, Mrs. Flibberti, it will all be fine, go dance in the sun.


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