A Little Burlap Vase

I came across these little ceramic containers a week ago. 

They’ve been sitting here untouched until today.
I’ve mulled over several things….chalkboard paint? Numbers? Sayings?
Labels? Decorative paper?
I hate it when I am stuck like this!
I mean, you’d think it was SUCH a MAJOR decision or something.

“Lorraine, President Obama here….
I just wanted to tell you that those little jugs you decorated are just fantastic….
In fact, Michelle has decided to use them at the next State Dinner”
“we’ve been looking for just the right thing to collect cigarette butts in”

Like I said….it’s not an earth shattering thing I’m doing here.
So here’s what I did with just one of them….I’ll see how I like it in a day or two.
I’m the world’s best second guesser….. 

I decided to cut a strip of burlap to fit around the jug.
I wrote something with a Sharpie….it needs to be pretty dark so it will
show through my aging treatment.
I tried a stamp first….not dark enough.
You could use a stencil if you want to do a design and then use 
paint or the Sharpie.
I fringed the top and bottom of the burlap but left the ends alone

I cut the ends nice and cleanly and left only a small overlap.
Glue it around the bottle with Mod Podge.
Press the seam nice and flat and let it dry about 15 min.

Next, I took some jute twine and wrapped it around the neck of the bottle. 
Slap on a little Mod Podge to secure it and let that dry a few minutes.

I scrunched and fanned out the burlap fringe around the top and bottom.
If it won’t scrunch well, you can dab some Mod Podge on the fringe 
to make it do what you want. Just play with it to get a nice worn or shabby look.

Next I used some thinned gesso to whiten it a bit. 
You could also use very thinned down white paint if you want.
Brush over the writing, but don’t obscure it completely.
Go a bit heavier on the sides and back. I didn’t want to make it completely white, 
I still wanted the texture and color of the burlap to show through.
Don’t forget to do the jute on the neck of the bottle, too.

I gave that about a half hour to dry well before the final step.

Lastly, I brushed some Annie Sloan Dark wax on to give it an aged look.
brush the fringe and the jute as well.

Very easy project to use on any bottle you may have.

I added some vintage trim to this one….hmmmm
I’ll see how I feel about them in the morning.

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  1. Tell the president to quit admiring your little jugs.


  2. LOL I’d correct your size impression but this isn’t THAT kind of blog…..

  3. well i simply adore these pretties!!! i love them as is and after you created! i think Michelle would love to display them on a big farm table with her home grown veggies!!!!! i would love an invite if we are going to the white house!!! 🙂 LOVE them — sending hugs!!!!

  4. hi Lorraine! they are just charming with the burlap and the jute! nice job on them!!

    happy weekend!

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  6. Your little jugs look so cute! (I’m sure they’ll be at the next White House dinner.)

  7. Really cute! I love anything with burlap. I’m your newest follower and would love a return follow. I’d love it if you linked up to my party: http://www.nutmegplace.com/2012/02/show-off-saturday-2.html

    Hope to see you there!

  8. Thanks for sharing – those look really cute! Have a great week!

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