Mini Road Trip

I’m off to buy some ASCP today…have to travel 3 hrs to get it! Wish I had a shop so I could be a stockist! What a pain. But, I’m picking up my travel buddy and we’ll check out a couple cute shops that I’ll post on the Thursday Shopper this week….so technically….I’m working!!

You MUST check out the pretty paper wreath this morning on Chatty Cathy….here is the link. Now, full disclosure…you may remember she is my oldest daughter and such a talented paper artist. She clips paper endlessly…(hence the name) with amazing results! She includes a tutorial so check it out….
See you later today with results of the FOLK mag giveaway.
If you didn’t enter….do it this morning!


  1. I hope your ASPC stockist appreciates that you drive that far!

    I saw paper feathers at a shop yesterday, they really caught my daughters eye. Going to check out a Flibberti offspring.


  2. I wish I had known you were taking this little jaunt! I would have had you pick me up some! Have fun and be safe!!

  3. LOVE IT!!!!!!!! (hugs)

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