Thursday Shopper

# 5

Good Morning Dahlings!!!

Off to do a bit of Home Goods research and then thrifting to see if I can copycat anything! 

The thrill of the HUNT….Love it!!

Back in a Jiff….Ta Ta!!

Home from the hunt!

Let’s see the results:
First stop….TJ Maxx

Found these lovely Ralph Lauren pillows
cotton, zippered covers over feather pillows!
I think you could remove the cover, 
stamp it with one of those lovely designs from the Graphics Fairy 
and put it back on!
You don’t have to make the pillow or buy the pillow insert 
AND you have something custom for your home!


Or this choice…came in 3 colorways…

Adding a dash of red seems to be a trend lately!

Found this rustic wood and metal bench…about 6 ft long

Already aged…get the look…no work!

Found this interesting leather strapped lantern. 
Have any old bridles lying around? Maybe you need to wrap them around a glass pillar!

Cute Owl dishes too

Easter and Spring were showing up

Does anyone REALLY need a pink chenille top hat
WITH bunny ears? Let me know if you do, I’ll go back and get it!

OK…off across the street to the Habitat for Humanity salvage store

this is nice….3 pieces for $139
dressing table, chair and big mirror (behind the table)

Kind of slim pickings today.

Next stop, Goodwill….BINGO
A load of vintage/antique dishes!

Covered compote or butter dish
and matching sugar….no creamer

Pretty lustreware dish with pink roses

Oyster shaped dish with beautiful edge…reminds me of an ocean wave!

A beautiful large pink and white tureen with gold trim

Pink Depression glass plate with a scallop edge

Porcelain coffee and tea canisters. 
The coffee is missing the lid but I didn’t pass it up 
because it could be used as a vase or a pencil holder!

Four sweet cups that look like they went with a chocolate set.

A vintage thermos jug. A heavy glass insert is still intact. 

I’ll have to look this up and see the history.

Most of this will go into my Etsy shop so check there if you’re interested in china!

Final stop a charity store linked with the children’s hospital.

Great sofa……$129

Two piece china hutch…somehow I deleted the pic of the top
has glass doors and a nice curvy top…very French
guess you’ll have to take my word.
are you sitting?
$80 for BOTH pieces

I used GREAT restraint on this one.
Because I STILL have a china cabinet I haven’t sold from my last sale!!
(my sister’s favorite saying)


Last item gets the 

Kiss Kiss

award for today!

This weathered rolling mop bucket will look great on my porch as a planter
and it was $2.98!!

I had fun! Did you?

Ta Ta Dahlings! Until next week!


  1. I have that coffee mug with the owl. It chipped (so is the one in the picture!) and I use it as a pen cup! Love the rolling bucket!

  2. I LOVE that sofa!!!

  3. OH MY! Thank you so much for taking me shopping with you! I have not been feeling well lately and haven’t shopped in at least a couple of weeks, I think. I love shopping at Home Goods, TJ Maxx, Marshalls, and thrift stores. This was awesome!

    LOVE the cutey patootie owl dishes! I probably would have taken them home! LOVE the sofa, I would have been taking that fella home for sure!

  4. I’ve wanted to actually take people shopping along with me on my blog, but I get the weirdest looks when I break out the camera!
    Do you get the same?

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