Vintage Style Inspiration

I’ve mentioned before how magazines inspire me in decorating and 
making use of items I own or find in different ways.
I know many of you find the same inspirations. 
I was in the grocery early this week and came upon a brand new magazine.
I wanted to share some pictures from the premier issue.
Vintage Style is from the company that published Country Almanac. I tried to find this mag online so I could give you some better pics but no luck. 
So, here are the shots I took

At first I thought it was by the same people that do Flea Market Style….you see the similarities.
But inside, there is a different publishing company listed so I guess not.
I am a lover of vintage anything (just about) so I HAD to pick it up and share it with you.

Of course, I love blue dishes! And the gothic style arches in the cabinets are so pretty.
Look how they’ve used fabric in the upper cabinet in the corner. We see it used on under cabinets often but this is a bit different.

I like the brown and white check and the monogrammed headboard. 
And HOW CUTE is that window?

Just LOVE this turquoise on the chairs. Notice the mixed hooked rugs too. 
Nothing too matchy matchy.

Beadboard in the bath…of course. I will say I don’t like the towel bars…too modern.
I like the depth of the plate shelf along the beadboard….big enough for a stack of washcloths.

And vintage fabrics! This pic reminds me of the old Mary Englebreit mag…remember that?
I have all my  old issues. 

Some outdoor ideas…just in time for Spring!

And a spread on porches. This isn’t very vintage looking, guess I could have chosen a better pic!
Trust me, there are more to see!

Don’t forget the giveaway!

It’s my own design so it is one of a kind!
So, here is

The Twilight Pillow

And, I’m giving away this pillow cover!

I’m not a vampire fan but it seems all the people I know are!
 Either it’s Vampire Diaries, Twilight or Dark Shadows!
It’s just never been my thing. 


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Good Luck! 
Winner announced on Monday!


  1. G’day~So nice to meet you and thank you so much for the visit.Nice to have someone else feel your pain and get it! We can cry together for sure.
    I almost bought that magazine the other day though I was buying the Flea Market Style one and thought I should wait.Thanks for the info it looks great and I will buy it next time.
    My youngest would love this pillow! Have a fabulous weekend.I am now a follower~Cheers Kim

  2. Thanks for entering! Glad to have you!

  3. well well well my friend! those two beauties slipped into the shelves of my super market today and i am saving them like a child saving a delicious candy bar for after dinner!!!! can’t wait to delve into them and let my mind go CRAZY!!!!! LOVE THEM!!!!! sending hugs…

  4. I hadn’t seen that magazine before–so happy you brought it to my attention and so glad you came to visit me at Hampton Hostess!

  5. Anonymous says:

    I liked you on Facebook, I have seen the magazine in the store but haven’t bought it yet.

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