Weekend Sewing

I go through spurts of sewing and this weekend I was spurting for some reason!
I thought I’d show you another side of what I do with some of the re-purposed clothing I make to sell. I find most all of my clothing pieces at thrift stores.

This bag is made from a skirt I have had in my “to do” basket for quite awhile.
It’s frayed and shabby, just how I like it!

It gathers up with the ties or it can be left wide open as a huge tote.
I just loved the yummy colors and vintage feel of the fabrics in the original skirt.

I also have a sweatercoat made from a few re-purposed sweaters.

I love the cuff and named it the twilight sweater. 
I’m not a fan but all my kids and grandchildren are. 
I guess the sleeve seemed kind of gothic to me…like vampires.

I have two dresses I’m putting into the shop as well.
Both are made from various garments I’ve re-purposed.
Plus, I use vintage lace, buttons and trims.

First is the Rose Dress…named for the bronze colored fabric rose I made to dress it up a bit.
 It has an antique lace collar. I dyed it to give it a vintage feel.

The second one is the Lace Overlay Dress.

I used a large piece of a vintage tablecloth to embellish it. 
It’s short as well and could be worn with boots over leggings or skinny jeans. 
In the summer it’s great alone with a pair of sandals.

So, just wanted to share a bit about my sewing projects. 
Check out the Etsy shop if this is your kind of style. I also just added the vintage and antique china I found last week.

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  1. Did I know you SEW TOOOOOO???? And if I did, I didn’t know you sewed stuff like that! Anyone who sews is on my list of amazing people.


  2. Those are awesome!! So very pretty!



  4. That is amazing. I so wish I coud sew. Just beautiful what you did. I hope you will stop by my NEW blog and become a follower. It’s all about farm life, decorating, cooking, animals, and lots more. Hope to see you there!!

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