Bienvenue au Printemps

It’s definitely here.
Arrived quietly.


Does anything herald Spring better than a bunch of pussy willows?

I walked into the grocery last week and there they were….
I’d NEVER seen them offered for sale there and had to grab a bunch.

Right into my antique ironstone pitcher and bowl.

The kids all had to touch them and I explained what they were seeing.

They remembered that when they came I had a pussy willow in the yard. It was planted in the totally wrong place due to my ignorance about the size it would become and we had to cut it down last year. I was SO disappointed because I always cut branches to bring in as the first sign of Spring.
So finding them in the store was SUCH a happy surprise.
When they are done budding and leafing out I can keep the branches for decoration. 
A worthwhile $5 investment!

Every year another herald of Spring are the pair of morning doves 
who build a nest above my front door.
Mama watches the eggs

and Daddy watches over Mama

It’s messy but we so love peeking at the eggs and watching the baby birds.

Another ‘first’ is when the Carolina jessamine (jasmine for you Yankees)
blooms over my potting shed

it doesn’t last long enough for me but when it’s full…it’s gorgeous.
I love it against that Provence blue door.

Nothing can revive the spirit more than the advent of Spring
It brings with it the feelings of constancy, surprise, hope, newness and joy.

And work….LOTS of work!
Pleasurable work though isn’t it?

Enjoy your Spring day!

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  1. oh my friend — this post makes me smile! it’s like a birthday gift (yes…today is mine) but you have given me a little visit with my mother the angel…this post is ALL the things that she loves…especially the pussy willows…her favorite! for a moment in time i felt her here even more than usual…all I need know is for a hummingbird to visit! thank you for the filled heart my friend — sending you tons of hugs and love!

  2. Your potting shed is wonderful!

  3. That photo of your potting shed is frame worthy ‘ya know.


  4. Oh, your potting shed is a thing of beauty!

  5. A potting shed with a dutch door…that’s beautiful!!

  6. Oh be still my heart…..that blue door! LOVE that blue door! It speaks big French, for sure! 🙂 Gardening is a whole lotta work…but a great workout and such wonderful therapy, don’t you think? 🙂

    xoxo laurie

  7. Thank you for sharing your lovely home and garden!


  8. I love your pussy willows, and the dove is darling – yes, messy, but without the birds, the sounds of Spring would be silenced! Encourage them everywhere, right?

  9. what a lovely display in your ironstone and at your front door!!

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