Porch Spruce Up

First, let me say a big THANK YOU to Pamela at From My Front Porch To Yours.
Because if it wasn’t for her, my porch would probably have continued to look like this for another month! 
Oh heavens……how embarrassing…I’ve actually had people 
and walk up THESE STEPS!! 

Then they got to the door and this is what they saw….

See…the problem is that I go through the garage all the time. 
I had removed the poinsettias that had been in that box 
and taken out the winter arrangement that was in the hanging basket. 
After that….it was all downhill….

The only people who come through the front door are the Mongolian Horde. 
These are people who would never see dirty socks unless they were on the computer keyboard when Facebook access was imperative 
and can recognize at twenty paces that the dirty glass in question is “NOT MINE” 
so it’s understandable that unless the front steps suddenly folded up …..
they would never bring any of this to my attention.


Now it looks like this……

And this…

SO much better….

My door has been this Provence blue for several years and I really love it.
A little crawling through the attic yielded this wreath I made a couple years ago.
Blue and yellow is one of my favorite color combinations. 
It was the color of my first kitchen in that 10 x 50 ft trailer 40 yrs ago.
I keep white fairy lights wound in the grapevine all year because I like them. 

A couple pillows for the chairs and my yellow metal cafe table helped

I found a black bucket for some forsythia

Cleaned up the steps and planted some violas.
In this part of the country, pansies are a winter plant. Once the heat starts to set in they can’t survive. I find that violas do much better and I can keep them longer. I confess that I don’t really care for pansies in yards all winter…it seems off to me. I much prefer to have plants that stay evergreen mixed with plants that provide an interesting look when their foliage is gone. I use variegated evergreens as well as plants that turn color when they are dormant. I like to have pansies or violas in the spring ….not January.

Creeping fig crawls up the brick steps. I keep it trimmed close to the riser
 and off the step for safety. I really love how it looks.

Put some pots of forsythia in galvanized containers to brighten the corner

And added a big rusty finish bird to the hanging basket

I buy pip berry garlands in various colors because they’re so versatile.

 I found the bird at Home Goods last year

Then I went looking for something to hang on the blank wall behind the bird.

I’ve had this for a long time in the closet. I found it at Home Goods and it was marked 
WAY down because the corner was broken. I painted it black and added some rusty bits.

Yes indeed…..much better.

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  1. Wow you have been busy. It all looks so fresh and welcoming. Love your new blog look too. It’s looking fresh and welcoming as well!

  2. You sure brought your porch to life, makes me want to sit and enjoy the spring weather. Love the yellow you used everywhere. The blue door just makes the porch pop with color. My favorite is the cone basket with the yellow and bird perched in it, just the right spring addition. Thanks for sharing your porch, something I don’t have on my house, I have this thing called a porch, it’s the size of a postage stamp. Enjoy your porch, just the perfect time of the year for it. Vicky

  3. That is so pretty! I especially like that you keep your grapevine and lights up all year:) That blue door is pretty fabulous too!

  4. Looks Great Miss!!

  5. I’m thanking Pamela too, cause now I want to come over to see you – looks great.


  6. Looks like spring has sprung…I love all the forsythia!


  1. […] use them occasionally. Maybe I got sick of them during the wreath craze of the 1980′s. I used this one on my door this Spring.  I like it because of several reasons…..  it was made for me by my […]

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