Saturday Stuff

Good morning all!

It’s rainy and gloomy here today but I have lots going on!
My hubby and brother-in-law are trying to get a couple non-working
phone lines working again. I have this cute vintage looking black phone that I want in my living room. 
I hate having a modern portable sitting on my table. But, the line where it needs to be doesn’t work. So…..the handymen are here!

I have to create a piece of junk art today for the youth pastor to use tomorrow morning
I’m the new prop/set gal. So later, we’re heading over to my husband’s company so I can do a bit of welding…I hope…
I LOVE welding…it is really fun and if you ever get a chance to try it…! I’ll show you what I come up with!

Two folks spent the night somewhere so it’s a bit quieter this morning. The little guy is doing his chores of emptying all the wastebaskets.

I’m happy to announce that the teenager in the most trouble right now has finally spoken to me after 3 days…..that’s nice….so far.

I am EAGERLY anticipating my new blog design….maybe it will be today!
If you’re thinking about doing this…consider Kristin…she’s very easy to work with and very affordable……
until she gets really famous that is…so jump in!!

I found a BOOTH to rent!!! YAY!
It’s about 1 1/2 hrs away so that’s a drawback but it’s VERY affordable and my SIL has a booth in the same mall 
and since she’s closer, she’ll help keep an eye on it!
The manager said she wants to “lighten up” the place a bit and really wants to get a shabby chic/French vendor…
Voila! C’est moi!
I don’t know how soon it will be available yet but I’m so thankful that I will be able to get some of this furniture out of here! 
I’ll keep you posted and take pics too!

And last but not least don’t forget the big Spring Linky party!

It starts with an easy one on Monday so look through some magazines and take some pics!

Have a great day!


  1. m1m1vabeach says:

    Where is your booth going to be?

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