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Today I wanted to show you one of the decorations I’m doing for the upcoming art show my church is hosting. I’ve been working with art shows for several years and they are such fun! I can think out of the box for fellow artists and really do something funky if I want to.
I saw a lamp made from plastic spoons last year on Pinterest. I didn’t belong to Pinterest at the time so I just copied the picture and didn’t worry about where it came from. So, I can’t tell you where the original is located. But, it was from overseas and there were no instructions anyway so I just had to figure it out on my own. It’s really not very hard. You may want to make one yourself so I’m going to give you a step by step!

You’ll need:
A large plastic jug
A LOT of plastic spoons (I bought a pack of 600 at Costco and I used more)
Something to cut the handles off the spoons ( I used garden clippers)
A pendant light kit
Hot glue

Here’s the finished product:

So, let’s begin. The original used a 2 liter plastic soda bottle. I thought that was too small so I used this instead

These run about $5. My kids were THRILLED when I showed up with two of these! 
First, eat the cheese balls……..
Wash out the jug and remove the label….I didn’t worry about getting all the sticky residue off but I didn’t want the label seen when people were looking up at the lamp.
Use a drill and make a hole in the bottom of the jug just large enough for the wiring. I’m not going to show you how to wire the lamp…there are plenty of tutorials you can find for that.

Cut the handles off the spoons leaving about 3/4 inch….I did about 300 and ended up using more than that to finish. Maybe about 325 for one? 
That’s a guess, I didn’t count.

Begin gluing the spoons, bowl side down around the opening of the jug which will now be the bottom of your lamp.

You can see that I didn’t let the spoons extend down too much below the opening. Just barely over the edge. The sides of the spoons are touching. Try and keep them straight vertically because this is the base layer which will be built upon. The hot glue needs a couple seconds to set up so don’t turn the jug too soon or they’ll slide and get crooked. If that happens, don’t panic, just pull it off and re-glue it.
The next layer overlaps the space between the first layer….like fish scales. 
Here’s a couple layers done.

The jug opening is to your left right now. Just continue in this manner up the jug.

I worked with the jug on a stool and a towel under it to keep it from rolling. You need to be above your work so you can keep the spoons fairly straight. I could do about 4 spoons without having to worry about slippage. Then I’d turn the jug and do four more…and so on…
 I hung it up about halfway just to be sure I wasn’t getting crooked….looks good!

As you get to the top, the jug curves in a bit and some of the spoons will stick out slightly. You can try cutting the handles off all the way if you really don’t like that. I didn’t care for this project.
When you get to the very top, you WILL cut the spoon handle all the way off so they can lay nicely around the top.

Now, here it is all lit up…..isn’t it neat? or cool? or sick? or whatever the right modern word is?

This would be a fun project for kids or an art teacher to do!
There are LOTS of embellishment possibilities too!

What do you think?

As a parting gift, here’s a spoon joke……

Dear Fork,
I know we haven’t talked since I ran away with the plate.
I wanted you to know you have a son. He looks just like you. His name is  spork.
Yours truly, Spoon

I don’t claim credit for that….if you know where it came from, I read it somewhere.


  1. I’m shaking my head. You know, when I was a teen I would of been all over that funky lamp. I’m surprised you didn’t have to buy 5 more jugs of cheeseballs so everyone at your house could have one.


  2. Are you kidding me??? Cheeseballs and spoons gets this? I have to try this just for the fun of it.
    And the cheeseballs, of course. 😉

  3. that is just to much your to creative your sure to win at the art show I have never seen a spoon lamp before but there is a lady who makes plastic bottle lamps on etsy and they don’t come cheap

  4. What a really creative idea. I think my kids would love to make this and have it hanging in their rooms! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  5. This may be one of my favorite things you’ve made ever. After 40 years of seeing you make things, that’s a huge compliment! I love it! Making one as well!!!!!!

  6. Oh hello creative lady!! This is sooo cool!!,
    Come link up to centerpiece Wednesday on my blog and show off your idea!

  7. Hello! This is super fantastic! I Pinned it! My daughter will love it! I’d love for you to share this with my party: Home and Garden Thursday!

    A Delightsome Life

  8. Wow ..now that is cool !!

  9. Hello Miss L! This is pretty dang cool! I might have to try this one….

  10. Now that is super cute and crafty! Who would have thought. I have a kiddo that just loves those cheese-balls. Might have to try this one out. Can you imagine doing it with the pretty pastel spoons, I think that would be cute also.

  11. That is AWESOME! Amazing that you can find art in a plastic spoons!

  12. Wha t an inventive idea. Very unique pretty!

  13. Yo…that’s slammin’…word.

  14. This is an incredible project! It looks so expensive, exotic and chic. I admire your patience to complete this project. And I’m delighted that you chose to share it at my Show & Tell party. Thank you!

    Sharon @ mrs. hines class

  15. That lamp looks so amazing! Great job! I wanted to let you know I am giving you the Liebster Blog Award today! Check it out at:

  16. I love this! So pretty!

  17. oh WOW!!!!!!!!! What a great recycle-upcycle project. I’m swooning. and pinning!

  18. So creative! Love this and pinning-I’m all about repurposing and so cheap-just might try this one for my bedroom-thanks for the inspiration!

  19. I love the way this turned out! It looks great. I have awarded you the Liebster award. Congrats!


  20. That’s clever! Thank you for sharing at Potpourri Friday! I always appreciate your participation!

  21. I’m a huge lover of lighting, and THIS is awesome!!! Great glow. Thanks for linking up at Burlap & Denim.

  22. AMAZING!!! I’d love it if you shared this at a party that I have going on at Project Queen.

    Love your blog!

  23. Hey there! We just want you to know that this is hands down one of the coolest things we have ever seen and that we will be featuring it this week at our Inspiration Friday party! Thanks so much for linking it up last week. 🙂

  24. What an awesome feature. Found you over at The Picket Fence. Love this idea and I just pinned it.


  25. I love this and want to try it. But I have one question—Does the plastic get too hot and warp/melt?

  26. Oh my goodness this is a fabulous idea! So well executed! This project would be perfect for our linky party featuring “Transformations” called Repurpose-Remodel-Reveal, I know our readers would love to see it too! (It’s going on now and reoccures every 1st and 3rd Friday)

    -Whitney @ TheRoosterAndTheHen

  27. That is amazing, you did an amazing job as well.
    Really really neat! I sent your blog address to my hubby and kids so they could see it, cause it reminds me of Ikea.
    Neat thing is you can make it any color too, cause you can get plastic spoon in any color now.
    Course, I love the white, so clean and fresh.

    Blessings for a nice weekend,

  28. Ok, now that is too cute! Newest follower, hope to see you stop by for a visit and follow!
    Not sure I can beat this though! 🙂 Great Job!

  29. That lamp is Crazy! Very cool. I just clicked to follow 🙂 Actually, I was looking to ask you a question but I didn’t find an email address on your blog. If you just reply to this comment I will be able to contact you (at least I think!)

    thanks! Selina

  30. I really enjoy your blog. I mentioned this post on my blog. I love DIYs. Check out my blog here http://cvwriter-myrenaissance.blogspot.com/2012/07/favorites-of-my-week-072712.html

  31. quick question, and i am sure you have had this one before, but wont the light bulb melt the plastic?or is there a certian light bulb watt you use? Thanks!! (jenni-reviews@Live.com)

  32. that is really cool how you made that

  33. I’m doing a spoon lamp for a project at school and I have a couple of questions I would like to ask you. Please email me at karinaclifford@icloud.com as soon as you get a minute. Thank you.

    • Hey ! Do the spoons get ruined or melt from the heat !?

      • I’m sorry I didn’t reply sooner. I have been having issues accessing my blog but all is well now! Yes, if a high wattage light bulb is used, it can melt the plastic. It is directly related however to how large the container used to make the lamp is along with how much wattage the bulb has. Obviously, with a small plastic container as the base…you would want to use a small bulb.

  34. Don’t u think it will get ruined from the heat of the light

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