Spring Mantel

Today I’m revealing my idea for my Spring mantel. 
This time thanks to Fox Hollow Cottage for hosting the mantel portion of the Linky party. 
Once again, without this push I probably wouldn’t have done anything until April at least!
 I’m ahead of my timeline thanks to these gals!

I had been thinking about this mantel for awhile and had still not decided what I wanted to do.
 I knew I wanted something natural and (duh) springlike but had no idea until yesterday what I wanted.
I worked in the yard on Monday and one of the chores was to prune the grapevine. 
Now, please erase any picture from your head of all those romantic Napa Valley movies. 
This is one measly plant which has not been properly pruned….EVER….. and is completely out of control. 
We get some delicious Concord grapes out of it, despite our lack of care. 
Last year alone we ate four grapes…..the birds ate the other hundred. 
Homemade grape jelly is not on the horizon in my lifetime. See, you have to cover it with a net or something to keep the birds from doing that but it would require more long range planning than I am capable of right now. 
So, the grapevine is just a source of…..well….. grapevines.
As I was yanking and chopping I suddenly realized what I wanted to do! Yay! 
Over the evening more ideas came to me and I was ready….

Here’s the result

Here’s the mantel before

It was dark and rainy this morning so ….not the best shot

I LOVE this bee and wreath graphic from Graphics Fairy and knew I wanted to use it. 
First, I taped a copy to the mirror to give me a model.
I’m no artist but I’m a pretty good copier.
I drew a semicircle using the top of a container and then started copying!
I have never transferred an image to glass so rather than waste many hours trying to find out how to do that, I drew it on with Sharpie. 

When the wreath was done, I enlarged the bee portion of the pic
to 225%. I copied that onto vellum. 

Using vellum left the portion of the wings, where the background shows through, a more soft color rather than the stark white of copy paper.
I felt it would blend better.
I darkened the bee using the Sharpie because my wreath was pretty black 
compared to the copied bee. I cut the bee out and added it to the mirror using sticky dots.

Next it was time for the grapevines. I sorted through what I had and pulled out some nice long ones with lots of those squiggly tendrils.

I tucked them behind the mirror, threaded them through any open parts in the frame and wound them around each other. I wanted a very organic, free effect.

It’s important when you’re doing a natural arrangement like this to not be confined to a space. Allow some of your material to trail out or up as though it grew that way.

I used some green wire to hold the grapevine in place when necessary.

Once I was satisfied with the vines, I added some green sphagnum moss along the mantel.
I let some of it crawl up the vine in places.

I added my favorite accent candles on each side. These are the religious candles you can find all over. Just peel off the picture and you have a nice white pillar that is very unobtrusive. They burn for hours and cost less than $2 each. I use these all the time.

I picked up some bees and butterflies this morning. I took a Sharpie and made thicker lines on the bees so they would be more noticeable. 

I added those in….not too many…just a few..

Finally, I added some small green petals near the bees and butterflies.

At the base, I added a nest with some eggs

I love the light, airy, natural feel it has….

I am in love with this mantel! I can see that it will evolve over the next few months….
there is so much I can add!

Can’t wait to see everyone’s results!

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  1. Love the mantle. I gave up on my mantle. No room or any height. I am instead decorating the sideboard in my hall. Looks great and I love the loose feeling you have going on, very dreamy and romantic.

  2. I like the moss, that adds a lot to the earthy colors. Wonder what I have in my woods I can put on the mantel? Nothing is blooming yet.


  3. That is SO cool! I love the look of it. Great space to work with too. The mirror and mantel are gorgeous! The feel is so wild and pretty.
    Happy Spring~Thanks for joining the party.

    New linky follower =)

  4. Gor-geous!!

  5. I love your Fireplace!! The vines and nest and everything else looks wonderful! Great Job! New Linky follower

  6. there you are my friend!!!! this is simply fabulous!!!! the mirror and the mantle! WOW! simply dazzling! also…i sent you a note but didn’t hear back…i need your mailing address : ) you won the thankful thursday gift last week : ) just send it over to thecottagemarket@gmail.com tons of hugs to you and yours : )

  7. LOVE this DIY!! I’ve done that wreath & bee on clay pots- this was a geat project you acomplished…:) chris

  8. The whole thing looks gorgeous. Amazing idea putting the graphic on the mirror.
    Thanks for sharing.

  9. Love the sharpie idea!!!

  10. What a great spring treatment to your mantle! I love the sharpie idea too, the grapevines are perfect! t.xoxo

  11. LOVE it! Do I need to say more?

    Judi in the UK


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