Thursday Shopper # 10

Good Morning Dahlings!

Today I am going to WOW you with a trip to Garden Ridge.
I have no idea if they are a chain or not so you’ll have to let me know.
I DO know that it’s huge and I can spend HOURS in there.
I always see many of the same things that I see at Home Goods 
only instead of three pillows I like, 
they have 14 of the same pillow! 
Multitudes of everything!
Back in a JIFF….….

Oh my dears……shopping is SUCH a chore but I am happy to do it for you!

I have seen SO many things that YOU could copy!
I am expecting to see some of these creations VERY soon!
Let’s get started, shall we?

We entered the gardening section first and encountered row upon row of 
chair cushions, pots, lights, and decorative objects!
We really loved this French stepping stone.
We are both fans of aqua and loved the sweet postmarks too!

These have a really nice look to them. There were two types. 
One could be hung and this one was designed to sit. 
I can see these lined up and full of flowers!

The next section was decorative wall art and children’s things.
I thought this wall shelf would be plastic but it was really metal. 
I’m sure it would rust up nicely!

This cowboy piece was really nice for the genre. 
I had just eaten dinner the weekend before at a local steakhouse 
and commented to my husband 
that IF I went in for the rustic western look, 
this particular restaurant had done a nice job. 
There was decor that felt more like ranch “art” rather than “cowboy decorations”
…if that makes sense.

How about pallet boards, an old belt and a wooden cutout?
This one is metal and the “belt” is a metal strap.
There is a similar one at that restaurant.

This made me think of Donna at Funky Junk!

They had a bunch of these screens. Double sided too!
There were various themes for both boys or girls.
I know someone who loves owls so this is for her!

My shopping assistant took this home.

I know you can make this….

Around the corner were a few (!!) rugs and pillows

Candles and candleholders

What color or size do you need?
I think you will find it.

We liked the furniture section.

Sorry, couldn’t resist the tongue twister….say that five times fast!
Leather strapping and tacks are nice.

More leather strapping

Still more strapping.
Do you feel a trend?

I liked this metal bench……aqua of course!

You can’t intimidate us….
we’re DIY bloggers!!

These were fun…

 My friend will like this one!

I guess if you can’t paint one…you can buy one! 

Last but not least….we thought every bathroom needed one of these….

Makes cleaning the toilet fun….or not.

And there you have it!
An assortment of goodies to inspire your next creative project!

Tah Tah til next time!


  1. They are a chain. Remember I used to take you to the one in Jacksonville, Fla. when you came to visit in St. Marys? They are great and we have non here 🙁 OR Home Goods…the unfairness of it all!!!!!

  2. We have GardenRidge here too – used to shop there often about 10 years ago, but it has been a long long time since I have been there. Should give it another whirl. I kinda forgot about it, it isn’t close by but only a half hour’s drive.

    You inspired me, what a fun blog. So you left mostly empty handed or no?

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