Thursday Shopper #11

Good Morning Dahlings!! 

Off again on my dedicated journey!
today I’ll share two lovely shops in Williamsburg Va that I visited recently!
I was there to see, for the first time, my lovely little booth
in the Lightfoot Antique Mall.
Isn’t it ……um……well…….hmmm…

Oh my………
LOTS of work needed here!
I can’t even begin until April 1st but I am thinking and planning until then.

After seeing THAT….
TS definitely needed some retail therapy!
N’est pas?

So, down the road to the KingsMill Shops to
High Cotton
Now, you know TS LOVES linens and china

Normally the phone pictures are quite nice…..or so I thought until I got the new camera.
The contrast is shocking! 
Don’t worry, I’ll be back there again and next time will take the camera!

I reduced the size a bit and that helps but still disappointing!
I wish you could see the beauty.
This shop has been profiled in several magazines.
The owner restores vintage and antique linens, collects china and silver, 
and also offers other antique finds….like a corner dedicated to fly fishing gear!

This gorgeous wall sized cabinet has drawers filled with treasures!

Next stop was the lovely shop
It’s just a step or two away from High Cotton

As soon as we walked in, this gorgeous overall theme of green and white
 instantly made us feel as though we were in a garden.

The wall color was luscious… kiwi

We each took home an ivy topiary…they were on sale!

This soothing palette appealed to us

This faux bamboo tree was filled with felted birdhouses

How cute!

Today was an exciting day for one of the children too!
Our 15 yr old daughter wrote an essay last year 
which was selected to be in a book published by the school system.
The title of the book is The Power of Belief. 
It happened to be her birthday when we asked the children
 if they wanted to come live with us in Virginia. 
Her essay was about how we gave her the Best Gift Ever
Today, she was interviewed for a local radio show 
and in April she will appear on a local TV talk show! 
So, this morning we went and did the radio interview. 
She was SO nervous, but did fine!
I was so proud of her!

I rushed home to finish this post…


  1. WOW!!!! You have been busy and boy oh boy did you have some great news to share! Whoo hoo!

    Give that smart daughter of yours a hug from Michele in Blogland………..and next time you go to those shops I absolutely insist you take me! DROOOOOL!

    Your “cubicle” for the Antique Mart is going to be so awesome when you are there, I cannot wait for your big reveal – what excitement is happening for you and yours!

    Congrats big time!

  2. Congratulations to your daughter! The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree!

    I can hardly wait to see your shop space all filled and open for business. Good luck!

  3. Oh how I wish we had some pretty stores like this to shop in! THank you for the tour!

    Bet you are excited to get your space all done- I really need to redo mine in a major way but keep putting it off as I will have to take everything out to paint and I have stuffed that little 10×10 plumb full!

    bee blessed

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