Thursday Shopper No.7

Good Morning Dahlings!!

I’m on my own today! So we may get a mixture of shopping in
as I CANNOT seem to pass a thrift store without at least
But, I want to show you some of my favorite little shops that feature

See you soon with 

Sorry this is so late dahlings!
In between shopping and posting I needed to take my
elderly father-in-law to the doctor
a bit of an emergency but he’s fine
had an x-ray and an EKG and is now on an antibiotic

So here we are
three lovely and different boutiques that I always enjoy

First is Chartreuse Interiors
this is the shop you’ve heard me mention as the place 
where I put some of my things for sale

Cindy, the owner, has an excellent eye for design
and fills her shop with not only her own finds
but those from multiple vendors.

Next up is Topiaries
This shop has been a fixture here at the beach for years.
It started out as a florist shop and has grown into a
fabulously lush environment

I seriously want that big cage thing on the wall
I’m giving it the Kiss Kiss  award

Finally I’ll show a couple pics from Simply Selma’s
Also a fixture at the beach and one of the go to places for
wedding registry. it was a bit full of people so my shots are limited
I kept finding people where they shouldn’t be!

I did stop a  a thrift shop… knew I would…
 but I’m a bit tired….
I’ll show you what I picked up tomorrow

Ta Ta!


  1. At Junk Market today I made my daughter use her cell phone to take pictures. I saw some interesting things, like a washing machine drum turned hanging light. Crazy!


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