Brown Paper Wall


I told you that  covered the ugly pegboard wall in my little booth/shop 
with brown paper and book pages.
I wanted to show you how I did it!
This treatment is one I’ve used many times before. 
I used to work in amateur theater and primarily did set design. 
Amateur theater never has much money.
 As well, our former church did a HUGE Easter production annually for many years 
and I did the sets for that. 
Again, there was not money for elaborate sets and we couldn’t store them anyway 
so I had to be very creative and frugal. 
This brown paper technique was great for imitating a stone or stucco wall.
Working in the theater is SUCH fun and really gives an opportunity for experimentation 
with all types of effects.
Somewhere there are pictures of the things I’ve done….but who knows where THAT is!
 I do have a few pictures of the wall in the booth to show you. 
I didn’t do as much to it because of time constraints and because, really, 
there didn’t seem a point to doing any more than I had. 
I think everyone there thinks I’m a bit wacky already and 
I NEEDED to get the space stocked because I was already into my second week of rent with no store open!
As I planned this tutorial last night, I realized that it wasn’t really going to show much of what can actually be done using the paper. 
So, NICE PERSON that I am….I went into the garage this morning and created a board with several options for you…
Don’t thank me….just send money…
{just kidding}

Last night when I was writing this (the LAST day of Spring break mind you)….
I went on a RANT about ungrateful children
I deleted it…  don’t need that and I felt better just writing it.

Did I mention that

But I will share the STUPID things I do which were revealed to me by my 17yr old
 {a grown person who doesn’t need any help from any of us}
He was angry because he had to wash windows……..

 Stupid things that have no bearing on learning responsibility 
but are just the crazed expectations of an unreasonable parent 
who is unlike any other parent known:
picking up clothing from the floor
cleaning a toilet, tub or sink
pulling weeds
having to wash your own dish 
(it’s NOT stupid if I wash the dish apparently)
doing homework
using a napkin
putting your bookbag, shoes, clothing, skateboard, bike, 
football, basketball, jacket, hat, 
or anything else AWAY
making your bed
folding the clothes in your drawer
turning the music down when others are trying to sleep
not watching certain channels
not watching certain YouTube videos
not smoking
not drinking
not using illegal substances
reading a book
doing ANY chores
NOT being given money whenever you ask
having a curfew
being expected to attend school regularly
being asked about grades or assignments
being questioned about your friends
being put on restriction for ANYTHING
{because restriction is stupid and pointless}
having time restrictions on the computer
having time restrictions on the TV
having ANY channel blocked on the TV
not having a cellphone
not having a laptop
having to ride your bike ANYWHERE

Did I mention

Here’s the booth wall…..

And another

Here’s how to do this

You can use any brown paper you like.
The kind to wrap packages or torn up paper grocery bags.
Obviously, any other kind of paper works too as long as it can withstand
crumpling and then gluing.
Tear off a piece of paper, crumple it up well.
For the pegboard, I used spray adhesive.
For another treatment, like a wall, you can use ModPodge, rubber cement, wallpaper paste,
or anything you like that will stick.
When you’ve applied the glue, press the paper into place with both hands flat so that you retain the wrinkles and creases. When it’s dried a bit and won’t move on you, you can rub your flat hand in a circular motion to press in more creases.
In the booth, I added torn vintage book pages randomly in the same fashion.
When everything was dry, I lightly brushed on some Annie Sloan dark wax and rubbed it in.
OK…that’s a quick and simple treatment.
Let’s look at what i did today so you can see some options.

There are four things here for you to see. There are MANY possibilities
but I just used whatever I had on hand this morning.
The paper was crumpled and glued to the board.
The first treatment used a light spray of gray primer.

You can still see some brown peeking through
Next, an application of some thinned gesso.
Which was rubbed in with a rag.

See that stone effect taking place?

This one is the upper left. I’ve applied some dark wax to the creases.
Next is a terracotta effect on the lower left.

First, a spray of Paprika by Rustoleum.
Then some dark wax stroked on the creases but not blended yet.
It’s a more aggressive look than blending produces.

Now I’ve rubbed it in with a rag.
I wanted to show you as well that you can spray some
faux stone paint onto this and get a rough texture 
but I couldn’t get the can to spray.
I’ve had it awhile…you’ll have to take my word…that’s a good effect.
Back to the board…

Upper left: gray, gesso, dark wax
Upper right: dark wax only
Lower left: terracotta color paint, dark wax
Lower right: gray, gesso, no wax

I have wanted to do a wall in my house like this for years 
but just never have found the right spot.
It would make a great accent wall.
When it’s all done, you can coat it with something to seal it like 
Mod Podge, clear wax or a polyurethane.
Play around with the colors on a board until you know what you like.

What do you think? Pretty neat huh?

Did I mention

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  1. The check is in the mail….I’m very happy for you that the kids went back to school today! I think you might need to sit down and relax for an hour or so. Come over and eat some cake with me.

  2. Ah I know why I like you! You have rules!!! I taught theatre and you are right, you are always improvising!This is a great cost effective wall! Gotta love book pages too!

  3. Maybe I’m wasting my time fixing the cracked plaster all over our house (which will probably never be finished in my lifetime). I’ll just start covering them up instead!!! Good idea for doing it on the cheap!

    Did your kids go back to school yet?

  4. Great wall idea! And teenage boys? This, too, shall pass…keep on, Mom.

  5. Can I get an AMEN! Did I mention my kids went back to school this week! I just think it’s amazing the things people that live here want to be paid for… making your bed.


    Love your wall and love this post 🙂


  6. Thanks for all the support from REAL MOMS out there! I expect to see some brown paper walls soon!

  7. I too love your post. I promise you will get satisfaction one day and it’s when you become a Grandmother, because then you get to watch your kids get it all back!! I so (secretly) love watching my sweet little Granddaughter give my daughter a hard time. I love the wall treatments too. Sounds like you need a Mommy’s sippy cup!

  8. Glad to visit your blog, I look forward to more good articles and I think we all like to thank so many good articles, blog to share with us.

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