Corner Hutch Makeover

I’ve been working on things for the shop 
(as I like to refer to my little 10 x 10 booth!) 
and wanted to show you the corner cabinet I finished Thursday night…
at 10 pm…outside on the porch…in the cold.

Here’s the almost before….
I say almost before because this is not how it looked when I bought it.
It was brown….dark brown…
and ugly.
This is my first makeover. I sanded it by hand and applied the stencils on the doors.
I felt it had a rustic French appeal but apparently no one else did.
It had all this great rusty iron hardware on it.
And square nails too.
But….it went through the Spring sale….no takers.
I took it to Chartreuse for a few months….no takers
Meanwhile it was on the front porch for awhile
then the back porch when I had to move it at Christmas.
All the time, I kept looking at it and thinking about how to finish it.
I knew it needed to be rustic, shabby, primitive in feeling.
Here’s what I did…..
Two coats ASCP in Old White
Aggressive hand sanding to get a nice, worn look.
The rusty hardware fits the new finish nicely.
I applied dark wax with a brush just to the areas I sanded back
and rubbed it in with a rag.
Then I used clear wax over the whole piece.
This piece is very heavy and solid wood. The back is all planks.
I left the interior partly natural to show the planking.
I am pleased with the result and hopefully this time, it will sell.
I can’t move it around anymore!
That was Thursday.
Friday was the first day of Spring break.
My husband was ill with the flu and so we decided to wait until Monday to
take furniture up to the shop.
So in between forcing the children to engage in hard labor
I made a couple signs, wrote an inventory, made some tags, etc….
I love the lilac shade of this one.
Wish I actually had a guest cottage don’t you?

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  1. OH my gosh this is amazing.

    the transformation is shocking – you did a great job with this.

    What an awesome piece- sure to sell – be sure to let us know when it does!


  2. This was a cool cabinet to begin with! But I think the paint job really shows off the amazing hardware much better! I would be surprised if this lasted a week now.

  3. Ohh I love it! It’s very interesting to start with, and you totally reached full potential. This is definitely something I would love a porch for. Grr!

  4. that looks fabulous, lorraine! it’s so rustic and huge! awesome job!

  5. I’ll bet it won’t last long! It looks great. And your signs are fun. Nice work!

  6. Wow, I love the transformation of that cabinet. It looks beautiful

  7. Love the new look!!!
    Going to copy your sign sayings , never thought of those quotes before …Thanks…
    Your newest follower…I invite back to my world…
    Blessings Lori

  8. Oh, this is amazing and I love it!

  9. Thanks so much everyone! It is hard to part with but I can’t keep everything! I HATE that. Martha has several houses……I wonder….

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