Foyer Before and After

The days have been so busy here lately with setting up the shop
{you can peek at it here}
Working in the yard
{peek at that too, here}
and last but not least….getting ready to go to PARIS two weeks from this Sunday!!!
My house is suffering in many ways!
The yard is only partly groomed and I have been doing Spring cleaning 
which means that for awhile things are VERY topsy turvey as closets and drawers 
are emptied and reorganized.
I’ve found that over the last four years, I ,who have NEVER been a drawer or closet stuffer
{you know, someone who keeps their house looking neat by just stuffing things out of sight} 
 have begun to do JUST THAT!!
I HATE having my closets and drawers overflowing with stuff.
It makes me unsettled AND I lose things.
So, I’ve made a commitment to go back to my old ways 
and I’ve been working over the past couple weeks on that.
It takes that long because there are so many other things that are going on too!
This blog, a family of 7 to shop for, cook for and manage, 
design work for church, family events, etc, etc…
But, I am just plugging away and trying to remember to 
take pictures of the befores and afters!
Today though, there is a Pillow party going on and I thought 
Honestly, can’t these party givers just check with me first to see if it fits in my schedule???
{kidding, of course}
I mean, I am a PARTY GIRL and I just HAVE to go when there’s a party……
Then, last night, I remembered my beautiful French rooster needlepoint pillow and thought! AHA!!
Take a look….

Isn’t it beautiful?
Now, you know I am a dedicated shopper don’t you?

Did I find this online? No…

At Home Goods? No….

The thrift store? No……

This gorgeous needlepoint pillow was handmade by my mother-in-law for me!!!!
She is a superbly talented needlecrafter and best of all a bit OCD 
so everything she does is perfect.
The funny thing about this pillow is that when she gave it to me she just HAD to show me
 the tiny spot where she put a couple yellow stitches that were supposed to be 
green or white or black or something.
She assured me that she didn’t think it was noticeable………..
Did I mention she is going on 80?
This was a kit I had bought at Michael’s….
they still carry it so hurry on down there if you want one!
I never seem to have time to enjoy doing needlework anymore 
so I mentioned to my mother-in-law that a fantastic birthday gift to me 
would be if she was willing to finish up some of my needlepoint pillow kits.
She loved the idea and a plan was struck. 
She’s done two so far and I have a few more.
Thinking about showing off the pillow I decided it was time for this sad spot 
at the bottom of my foyer stairs to get a little makeover.
Decorating hasn’t been super high on my list lately and this has looked just like this for months….
since Christmas actually.
I love this bench we found in a discount spot for $75. 
We’ve had it for years and I haven’t really done anything with it 
because I love the black and also the faux leopard seat.
But, a little lightening up was in order in honor of the French rooster pillow 
so I added a matelesse king sized pillow sham as a seat cover.
{thrift find…$2.99}
Grabbed my very favorite straw hat.
Added a nice lightweight wool throw along with my Granny’s wicker knitting bag.
And last but not least….the French rooster pillow…


What do you think?
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  1. WOW- awesome rooster pillow, love it.

    Great job sprucing up that spot, looks great!

  2. Oh wow! Your foyer looks great and that pillow is to die for!

  3. That amazing pillow that your mother-in-law handmade for you … one needlepoint stitch at a time … is amazing. And it look perfect dressing up your redecorated foyer.

    Thanks so much for linking up to our Pillopalooza slumber party!



    P.S. And I am so distracted by your amazing checkerboard foyer floor …

  4. LOVE the after and love that pillow!

  5. Much more homey “after”.


  6. I’m just loving your little French Country corner (the checkered floor is wonderful)! And lucky you to have such a wonderful gift form you mother-in-law. I’m heading over to check out the party, because my lates post features, what else, pillows!

  7. I love that pillow and the way you have accessorized your bench….lovely space there! Enjoy your day, Gail

  8. I think I love it. It looks really beautiful. Having your more sedentary and less time challenged relatives give you the gift of craft is a wonderful idea. That’s how I finally got my Christmas stockings completed. I only slightly, very slightly, regret that I didn’t do them myself. I can’t believe you are spring cleaning before your trip!

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