Cornice Board Idea

If you remember, I said I loved the black and white awning 
a vendor had over their booth at an antique mall? 
Someone posted the picture when they had gone on a trip somewhere….
I just can’t remember who posted it (tell me if it’s you!)
I knew right then I wanted to do something similar over the entrance to my new little booth 
at the Lightfoot Antique Mall in Va.
Originally, I planned on doing it from canvas but then my husband intervened with his stash of wood and we ended up making it out of finish plywood.
I wanted to show it to you because I think it would make an adorable cornice board for a window too.
If you decide to do it from canvas, I would paint the canvas first and then cut the shape. My experience has been that paint (because it’s wet) tends to shrink the canvas a bit causing it to curl. I think if you paint first, let it dry well and then cut your shape, you’d do better.
As I said, we used finish plywood.
He cut the length…drew some scallops and we cut it out with a jigsaw. 
He routered the edge and I sanded it before painting.
It’s easy to make the scallops…just choose something round…I usually use a plate but here he used one of the plastic spools he winds his drop cords on. 
Up and down gives a wavy scallop.
Cut it out and router the edge if you like or just sand it.
I painted it with a couple coats of spray primer and then one coat of semigloss or satin white.
I let it dry well and then taped it off in two inch strips using 2 inch wide masking tape.
Then I sprayed the stripes with semigloss black.
Pull the tape off while the paint is still wet.
This is the before

Here’s the after….
I’ll be doing my name in the spring green on the black and white stripe….
this is just the text overlay from the editor but it’s pretty much the idea….
What do you think?

Here it is without the graphic.
We are mounting it to stand up above my entrance.
To do that, we used simple, inexpensive shelf brackets.

There is a shelf above my shop entrance and these brackets will sit on the shelf 
and be screwed in place.

If you were doing it as a cornice board you could turn the brackets the other way 
and attach them to the ceiling. 
I like cornice boards because they are cheap, easy to make and easy to change. 
If you tire of the stripe, paint it over.
 If you want a softer feel, cover it with fabric. 
For those of you in a temporary space, they are easy to remove and take with you.
If you make it from fabric just mount it to a flat board 
and then attach the board to wherever you want. 
Then it’s actually called a pelmet…just so you sound all professional when you show it off!

Here’s a final look without the graphic.

Working hard on getting ready to take some furniture up to the shop on Friday.
I’ll keep you posted and show some of what is available over the next few days!

Meantime, I’m ready with some bags of lavender buds, some lavender bundles,
custom pillow covers, custom artwork and some other ‘found’ items.
It’s so exciting!
I know it’s not much, but it’s a dream come true for me!
I’ll keep posting some pics over the next few days!
Projects will have to wait a bit until I get this finished 
but I have a few things in the works to share soon!

Hope you like the cornice board and it inspires you to try something new!

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  1. WOW- that’s awesome!

    You make everything look so danged easy to do.

    Love all your clever ideas!

  2. Well that is possibly the most beautiful pelmet I have ever seen! I really like the stripes – it will certainly make your booth stand out. Good luck getting everything done!

  3. LOVE IT! i want one !

  4. Pelmets remind me of a very old Laura Ashley decorating book I still have. She was way ahead of the game and loved to use pelmets. Yours will look wonderful with the green writing!

  5. Cute cornice board. Can’t go wrong with stripes.

  6. Your cornice board rocks. It looks just like a canvas awning. Where are you going to put it?

  7. Wow you are amazing. This cornice is super awesome.


  8. I love the scallop–adds a touch of whimsy. Thanks for linking up!

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