The Power of Belief

Today I wanted to share with you about one of our kids. 
She is fifteen now but was fourteen at the time she wrote a short essay for a book. 
The book was published by the school system and is full of essays from 
school employees and students about the Power of Belief. 
The idea was formed based on an National Public radio show called “This I Believe”. 
The show highlighted personal stories from people relating how an event, person, 
or experience that shaped or influenced their life. 
The school administration wanted to encourage students, teachers, alumni, etc 
to think about this concept and the idea for a book was born.
My daughter was given this assignment, along with the rest of the class, 
and she wrote this essay.
 It resonated with  the readers and she was selected to be in the book.

Here is her essay scanned from the book:
Her particular story continued to resonate and she was then asked to be one of the speakers 
at the reception for all the authors.

Soon after, she appeared on a local radio program

And, last week, she appeared on TV.

We are so happy that she was given these opportunities and are praying that she will realize the full potential for her life. 
She has the ability to become a leader but it is difficult, in this day and age, for teenagers to stand up and make a difference I have found. 

I think people have always struggled with this issue 
but now with the abundance of connectivity (texting, FB, Twitter, etc)
 it seems that the fear of missing out on something, the fear of what others think of you, 
and the fear of being thought different is much greater now 
than it was when I raised my girls. 
Every thought, every experience, every conversation is instantly reported to each other. 
They can receive immediate feedback about anything instead of processing their feelings, thoughts, concerns, etc on their own for a bit. 
Independent thinking is fading as everyone else’s opinion must be sought immediately. 
Then their own thoughts and feelings are not clear 
as they become muddled with the opinions of others. 

She has been making some poor choices lately which have saddened us greatly. 
I cannot keep her out of the world 
(although I would dearly love to) 
and she is not always equipped with the skills to manage these waters.
As is common, our opinions are not highly thought of 
and since we have not had and opportunity to influence her throughout her childhood 
we have deep concerns for her. 
But, we are hoping that God will keep her in His hand 
and protect her as much as He is able, given her resistance. 
It is so difficult to watch children go down the wrong paths, 
make decisions that are unwise, ignore advice from wiser people,
 and develop friendships with people who are not looking out for their best interests.
But, it is part of growing up.
We cannot protect them, much as we would like to. 
We are very proud of the accomplishments she has achieved.
 Up until recently she was always a straight A student, 
she has been inducted into the National Junior honor Society, 
some artwork of hers was featured in an exhibit 
and now this book.   

I am hoping that she will make wise decisions which will affect her life in a positive way.
She has an opportunity here to aim for a higher mark.
Most of us hit the marks we aim for if we are willing to do the work required.
Nothing saddens me more than watching disadvantaged children and adults
choose a low mark because they cannot see another option.
They usually achieve their goal.

Congratulations Jealousy, we are very proud of you and will continue to
parent you the best we can and pray for you every day!
AL and UG


  1. What a wonderful thing you have done by adopting these children. We have had our little granddaughter with us this week and I find myself thinking the very same thing. It would be lovely if we could isolate them from all the bad influences out in the world. Hopefully as Jealousy matures she will follow the right path into adulthood.

  2. God Bless you for taking these children. They are our future.

  3. Mimi, do you know where I can find a video of the interview?

  4. You know the process. Maybe that’s why it makes it harder this time around.


  5. I will pray for her and all of you. Going through the teenage years are hard. We all pray they make it through. I tell my kids that they have to make mistakes to learn but if they keep making the same ones it becomes a problem. Hopefully she will see the good things ahead of her. Take care!

  6. She is so lucky to have you and Gary … and deep down, she knows it. My thoughts and prayers with all of you.

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