Thursday Shopper #14

Good Morning Dahlings!!

Today I’m off to a lovely local nursery…not a child nursery…a plant nursery!
This will get you ready for gardening if nothing else does!
Back soon!
Tah Tah!!

I have some really lovely garden center pictures for you!
It is chilly and very overcast here today
 but it never rained so that was a good thing!
This garden center has been here for years 
and really is like going to a garden department store!
Everything is beautifully presented, all the workers are very knowledgeable 
and the plants they carry are high quality.

The center is located on a busy 4 lane road but McDonald’s has created structures 
and deep established plantings which help to screen the view and the noise.

Just through the entrance. 
We’ll go to the right and make a big circle around the whole property.
To the right is outdoor living.
Here we’ll see furniture, fountains, firepits and statuary.
You really feel as though you are in a private garden.
I was curious about the things hanging on the wall.
They are stone frames with a screen insert.
I think we could make something similar don’t you?

Swinging around the corner we are getting an Asian feel.
Lots of Japanese red maples here.
That busy road is to my right but the sound is muffled with all the plants, 
the fence and several fountains.
I especially liked this espaliered red maple…I’ve never see that before with a red maple. 
It’s very pretty.

Coming further around in our circle, we arrive in the annual section.
I LOVE this floral basket on this chartreuse piece of fence don’t you?
Pots of every size and color.
I arrived just after they opened and probably because it was looking like rain,
I was almost alone……except for all the birds.
They were flying everywhere…I imagine this is like a sanctuary for them.
I spotted one sitting on a pot tweeting away…

Now we’re heading towards the HUGE greenhouse.
 Inside there are tropicals and more annuals.

I didn’t realize it but there is a whole Fairy Garden section.
My daughter just made a Fairy Garden with my youngest grandaughter!
You can see it here
So I took some pictures for them to see

They had cottages and gnomes too…
Look at that adorable miniature bench!

Next came the tropical plants.
My sister grows orchids in Florida 
and I knew she would love these interesting finds.

Below is a cactus orchid…..stunning.

I thought I had really found something here
But, it’s dyed….
Then I found this plant. It’s from the Phillipines  is called 

Medinilla myriantha

Malaysian Orchid 
I thought it was lovely but then the garden guy pointed out 
that it was really pretty when it opened.
He found a bloom that had just done that…
Can you imagine when all those little buds open?
Oh my…..

The greenhouse goes on and on with more annuals, tropicals,  pots,
planting supplies, etc.

next came the herbs, veggies and perennials
I didn’t eat any….I swear….
 The main entrance is to my right so we’ve made a big circle.
Before I left, I checked out the little gift shop.

I liked these driftwood orbs

And I do love a pretty umbrella….

Ah well….home again…
Hope you enjoyed that little bit of beauty…..
makes you want to get outside and work in the garden doesn’t it?

Tah Tah til next week!

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  1. I love this time of year. Working outside is so good for the soul! Everything looks wonderful, but those driftwood orbs are amazing!


  2. Oh I miss that garden center. Haven’t found anything as good down here. I enjoyed seeing it in your blog!

  3. What wonderful eye candy!
    Mary Alice

  4. It was a wonderful field trip and if I were there I would stay a long time and spend some money.

  5. I see many things that I would love to have, that cactus orchid is one of them… I think the idea of the hanging strawberries in the colander is Perfect!
    Thanks for sharing

  6. Oh fun stuff! Those stone hangings are really cool!

  7. ohmygoodness, love all that wonderful pottery. thanks so much for linking up with VIF!

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