Blooming Hydrangeas

One of my very favorite things each year is when my hydrangeas bloom.
I just love looking out my studio window and seeing them.
The pathway to the backyard is lined on both sides with large bushes.
 Depending on the soil in each spot, I get a wide variety of shades.
I love this soft blue and chartreuse combination.
I also love the lavender and chartreuse.
When we moved in about 11 yrs ago, I brought a hydrangea from the former house.
It was the traditional hydrangea and bloomed for only a brief time.
I missed it so that when the Endless Summer Hydrangea was produced,
I knew I had to get that.
Everything you see is this strain.
They will continue to bloom for many weeks and I just love it!
They have spread on their own.
I can’t remember, but I think I only bought two or three originally.
Wherever a branch touches the ground, a new plant springs up.
I just dig them up and put them in a new spot.
I just can’t seem to get enough of them!
To me, there just isn’t anything more old fashioned, lush and beautiful
than a hydrangea.

Classic blue

Just opening……all chartreuse



  1. I do love hydrangeas! Unfortunately, living in the hot Idaho desert doesn’t allow me to grow them and it really bums me out. Yours are amazing!


  2. I absolutely love them! I have a beautiful one that started blue and as the water from our yard sprinkler hit it, it has changed to a deep purple! It reminds me of Granny’s house and her blue hydrangeas! Great pictures.

  3. I do !!!
    They are beautiful ..Maybe I can take some home with me tomorrow .. 🙂

  4. Of course I do! Yours are beautiful! My endless summer has had to be transplanted 3 times and has never taken off! Maybe this year!

  5. Miss Flibberttigebbet,

    I love your hydrangeas! I’m so jealous. I have one lonely hydrangea bush in a corner, but it doesn’t do so well. I think I got 3-4 blooms last year.

    I love how yours frame your arbor. It’s beautiful. I have a cottagey home, complete with a white picket fence and I’ve been debating on adding an arbor or a gazebo.

    I followed you over from the Uncommon linky party. I would love if you stopped by my blog.

    Thanks for sharing,

  6. Yours are beauuuutiful! I have two Endless Summer plants I got last year, they don’t look so great, their summer may have ended.

    You know, that photo with the picket fence…….. that could be blown up and framed.


  7. If I had that view from my studio (not that I have a studio mind you), I’d never be able to get any work done! Your hydrangeas are lovely!

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  9. Lorraine…your hydrangea are stunning…their floppy heads look as you say so country! I agree with Bliss your pics are art!
    Thanks for dropping by…yes I wish you where coming to the Scout Market too…BUT you got to go to PARIS!…hope to see pics of your linens!

  10. Your hydrangeas are just gorgeous, as is your garden. Love your arbor too and my favorite shot is the one where they are peeking through the picket fence in varying colors. I too like hydrangeas and amend the soil to have both pink and blue, as well as occasional lavender to deep purple.

  11. Hello again Lorraine, Just wanted to say that your blog (and your life) are fascinating! However, I’d like to look back at your archives and clickimg on the blue bar that says archive did not link to any location. Help! I want to look back at your old posts. You can email me at when you have a solution or response for me…I can’t wait!
    Hugs, Beth

  12. Beautiful hydrangea boarder….WOW! the colors are amazing and so stunning against the picket fence! & is that a garden shed i see? Looks so dreamy! thank you so much for sharing your beautiful garden over here at the garden party this wek! love everything about the post! xoox,t racie

  13. love how they pop thru the fence, lovely!

  14. Your garden and pictures are so pretty. I love the white fence, it really shows off your beautiful flowers!

    Take care,

  15. Your hydrangeas are stunning!! How cool to have that many and you started with two plants. My bush is from a clipping of my sister in law’s bush and it took well.

  16. OH MY GOSH, Lorraine!! I am astounded and amazed at your hydrangeas, girl! I’m drooling. I’m swooning. What in the world is your secret….?????? Mine have never, ever grown so lush and full and heavy with blooms like that! Help!!! I’d love to hear any tips that you’re willing to share! 🙂 I could look at your gardens all day long. Just BEAUTIFUL!!! ♥

    xoxo laurie

  17. Your hydrangeas are beautiful, Lorraine! I love the way they flank your arbor. As soon as I get back to NY next week I have plans to get three pink ones. I have perfect spots for them around our condo. I miss all the hydrangeas I had in the backyard of our old house.

  18. Oh I wish mine were as beautiful as yours. Can I ask what kind of sun they get. Mine just do not get very big. I am just loving all the different colors and so big.

  19. I love them too–they looks so pretty! Love the ones coming through the fence:)

  20. Your hydrangeas are awesome. They are some of my favorites. Coming over from Garden Tour Party and now following on LF.

  21. Beautiful! I hope my hydrangeas look like this some day.

  22. OMG, these are fabulous! I won’t let my husband see your hydrangeas. He thinks mine are too out of control but they are a teensy drop in the bucket compared to yours. LOVE them.

  23. Just gorgeous, I can’t believe they are so prolific, I have to pamper and sweet talk mine to get them to just bloom! Love all the different shades!!

  24. I could stay amongst your Hydrangeas forever!:) Fabulous!!!

  25. Oh my goodness they are gorgeous!! I tried my first hydrangea plant this spring. Planted it, proceeded to have a horrible hail storm which killed it, so had to trash it. Boo hoo!! Looking forward to trying again!

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  1. […] more color…the red pillows were already a lot for me so I just used a big basket of my dried hydrangeas and some leftover scraps of grapevine here. The shades on these lamps need to go but I […]

  2. […] more color…the red pillows were already a lot for me so I just used a big basket of my dried hydrangeas and some leftover scraps of grapevine here. The shades on these lamps need to go but I […]

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