Fall Table Centerpiece

I promised to show you some more areas of the living room getting the Fall treatment.
You’ve seen the mantel already.
Here is the arrangement I did for the coffee table. A centerpiece is not too hard as long as the right elements are included. In this case Fall colors, rustic pieces and….what else, a pumpkin…..

I found this rustic box when I went up to Amherst Va for a show. My SIL is the best at finding junk shops and she took me to one of her favorites. I found this box, a large old rusty pot lid that I want to paint something on (someday) and that little white bench I used on the back porch.

I knew as soon as I saw it that this box would work great on my kitchen island, where I had it for a short bit……too crowded…or the coffee table…it’s new home.

I filled it with gourds, pumpkins, and a bit of the leftover bittersweet. I mixed in some artificial apples and pears too. I made a quick burlap runner for looks but also because the bottom of the box is kind of rough. 
I found four red pillows at the thrift store a few weeks ago. I really bought them to take the forms out and make some new pillows but when I needed some color in the picture, I put them on the dark brown sofas and didn’t hate them as much as I thought I would! 
Surprise decorating….always fun!

Don’t you love that pierced copper candle cover? It fits perfectly around the large oval Colonial candles that I love. I found it a couple years ago at Home Goods and there was only one. Ever since, I always look in the candle section hoping to find another!
Do you do that? 
I have several items that I wish I could find more of and am always keeping them in the back of my mind when I’m there…..occasionally, I score another one and it’s always a nice surprise. 
But, so far, no more copper candle covers……

You can see a bit of this buffet behind the sofa. I didn’t want any more color…the red pillows were already a lot for me so I just used a big basket of my dried hydrangeas and some leftover scraps of grapevine here.
The shades on these lamps need to go but I haven’t found anything I like better so there they are. They’re a bit too pinkish/flesh toned for me. They’re old as the hills too. I’ve been too lazy to re do them myself. They’re the perfect size and shape too….sigh…another project in the wings!

The basket was another thrift store find. That huge medallion is about 10+ years old and I’ve never grown tired of it. The buffet is the first piece of thrift store furniture I bought and painted about 10 yrs ago. Still love that too.

There were so many hydrangea blooms this year that I gave some away to two blogger friends, gave each of my daughters big bunches and still have this basket full and some more out in the potting shed! Plus I sold quite a few bunches on ETSY…..really an abundant year.


  1. I LOVE your fall box! The box is awesome, but I love how you have it decorated. Love your dried hydrangeas, with the grapevine intertwined of coarse 🙂

  2. I love your box, it looks perfect on the table. If you have any more hydrangeas I would be interested in some. I planted one bush this year and have a long way to go before I get blooms!!

  3. Gorgeous centerpiece!!….Love the buffet and the wonderful medallion over it…such a very serene look!

  4. That box on your coffee table is beautiful! I love how you filled & arranged it.

  5. It all looks so NICE!

    That white buffet pic is especially awesome.

  6. You have such a great touch! That box is awesome. I’ve got to get all my hydrangeas cut for drying. I always leave as many as possible on as late as possible because the colors get so pretty.

  7. Love it, pinned it.


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