Dining Room Makeover: Part I

I’ve mentioned before how I am attempting to lighten up my house.
I repainted the living room and foyer last year and have been very happy 
with the soothing new color.
I am almost finished repainting the kitchen to a creamy white 
and am also tackling the dining room.
Our dining room has been a beautiful, rich red color since we moved in here
 about 11 years ago.
I have loved it for years and gotten lots of compliments on the color.
But, as I’ve added more white pieces, like this china cabinet from the thrift store,
 I began to feel that there was too much competition going on in here.
Most of the furniture is dark, like this sideboard.

Suddenly, I looked at a picture like this and thought the contrast was just too much…
it seemed jarring to me.
So, this week, I decided to begin to change this space.
I have been painting for many years, do it didn’t seem daunting to me.
When we first moved to Virginia, about 34 yrs ago, 
my husband had a small construction company.
In addition to being his only construction assistant, I also began painting interiors 
and doing wallpaper on the side because we needed the money!
 I took my two girls with me if they weren’t in school and they played 
while I painted vacant houses for our uncle’s real estate business.
This was in the days before iPads, iPhones, computers, etc.
 So, the girls played with toys and ran around the house doing tumbling!

The first day I primed the room.
Are you as shocked as I was with the change?
Suddenly the room seemed more in harmony. 
That leaded glass window looked so much better!
I immediately noticed that more light was flooding into my back hallway, 
which has no windows.
I was immediately happy with the decision to paint.

Next day came the base coat of a taupe/khaki color. 

I will tell you that I shop the “oops” shelf at Home Depot ALL the time.
 Every now and then, I find a color I think I can use. 
This gallon of paint was $7. Behr brand, eggshell finish…perfect! 
I’ve had it in the garage for a few months.
I was initially going to paint it the same color as the foyer and living room 
but I spotted this can while I was searching and decided to give it a try.

You may have noticed that there is wallpaper on the walls.
We added that about 4 yrs after we were in the house.
It’s a paintable wallpaper with a beautiful embossed design.
I had a similar paper in my foyer in the old house and loved it.
It adds an elegant feel and can be changed with paint just like any other wall.

Next, I am doing a dry brush technique with cream. 
This is what it should end up like.

Check back  on Friday for the final result!


  1. It is looking good so far! That drybrushing will take a minute or two….good luck!

  2. Wow- it is gonna be AWESOME- one can tell already! YAY!!!!

  3. I’ll be waiting…….


  4. I can’t wait to see it!

  5. First off, let me say your chandelier and window are GORGEOUS!!! And what is that to the right of the primer picture with the dish on top? A doorway?? I can’t wait to see the final reveal!!!! I know it’s going to be fabulous!

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