French Friday: Eating My Way Through Paris

Bonjour mes amis!
Today I am NOT cooking but I will show you some of the things I plan to eat in Paris!
Warning….mouth watering pictures to follow…

of course….and LOTS of it…with butter…

Looking forward to all this variety…with the bread

and some of this

I’ll eat real meals too, like…

croque monsieur……

him: crock what?
me: it’s a grilled ham and cheese, you’ll love it
him: (relieved) oh, OK, good
me: but you have to eat it with a fork and knife
him: I’ll do whatever you say, the French are weird
me: one more thing
him: what now? I have to stand on one foot while I do it?
me: no, but it might have a not completely cooked egg on top of it
him: (silence)

Bien sur

I’ll squeeze in a few of these

And I have a feeling….lots of these



me: oh, one more thing
him: (exasperated) What now?
me: you won’t get ice in your drink
him: great
me: maybe you’ll try drinking wine?
him: no, I can drink water
me: um, they really don’t give you water as a rule
him: what CAN I drink?
me: you love mineral water, the have that all the time
him: OK, good
me: (whispering) warm mineral water
him: what did you say?
me: well, it won’t have ice either… liked that French beer I bought!
him: I suppose that will be warm too?
me: uh……. 

Vive la difference!!


  1. Dahm girl. I should not look at such things so early in the day with no bakery for miles.


  2. Poor dad! Just buy him lots of chocolate eclairs and hot chocolate…he likes that n’est pas?

  3. haha.

    I spent almost a month in France with my father and I swear we had the exact conversation, haha.

    And just for the record he lived on Boef Burg and fruit tartes. Just sayin he didn’t branch out much from those, when available.

    Hope your time there is magical in every way. Except an ice way, haha.

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