From Our Home to Yours

It’s Memorial Day.
I always think of my Marine Corps Dad on this day.
He served 16+ yrs and went through two wars.
It’s good to remember those who have given us the freedoms we have.
Either by fighting and living to fight another day 
or by fighting and not surviving to fight another day.
Some have fought and continue to fight every day…..a battle over injuries and disabilities.

You know, I’ve never told anyone this but when I see a war veteran somewhere,
 I go up to them and say
“Hi, I just wanted to thank you for serving your country.”
They are ALWAYS nice and usually surprised. 
I hope it brightens their day and it doesn’t take much time.
I encourage you to do that too. 
Sometimes they have a cap, Tshirt, or license plate that helps you to know who they are.
It’s a good thing to do.

So, from our home to yours……

Happy (for some) Memorial Day.

 Semper Fi Dad


  1. Well done, very well done.

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