Paris: Day 2

Bonjour mes amis!
As I ended yesterday, we were off to the Louvre. 
We managed to purchase Metro passes (with a bit of help from an employee) and found the Metro as easy as any other, just as we had been told.
We arrived at the Louvre…..
Since we had gotten such a late start and it was lunchtime, we decided to eat first.
I headed toward a tea shop because I thought it would be quickest. 
But the sandwiches were small and the price was high. 
My husband said “non” and we decided to eat in a restaurant. 
He was hungry and wanted a meal.
Across the square was Le Louvre, as you see
It was lovely inside with tablecloths and wonderful service.
We sat near a window and were able to watch the show outside.
Once I saw three mimes, in costume, go by on rollerblades
on to their next gig, I imagine!
We had an option for an entree (appetizer) and main dish
or main dish and dessert…..which we chose.
I ordered a vegetable tian which was so good I wanted to lick the plate.
My husband had a veal chop which he said was fabulous. 
His came with a couple sides so it was a good choice for a hungry man.
Here is the tian….
Layers of thin zucchini, tomatoes and carmelized onion topped with watercress.
My dessert was a pistachio financier (like a chewy cookie) topped with a raspberry creme.
A circle of white chocolate, raspberry coulis and a pistachio topped it off. 
Dollops of artfully arranged coulis with berries were scattered on the plate.
My husband had a pannacotta with tropical fruit. Pannacotta is like a vanilla pudding, only light.
In the bottom was a thickened sauce of chopped fruit, the layer of pannacotta, 
all topped off with some mango coulis and pieces of fruit. 
He said it was fantastic.
It was a true Parisian lunch because it took 1 1/2 hrs…..
The most exciting thing was when the chair of the man next to us collapsed
 and he fell to the floor.
 He was fine and we all had a laugh. Luckily he was French or they would have just thought…….look at that, a tourist broke our chair!
 I said now their lunch would be free….Hahha….maybe in the US would they knock something off, not here……”so what, things happen c’est la vie!” 
No one came running at all, the waiter walked over with another chair and took the pieces away…FINI…only the other diners asked if he was OK……LOL
Off we went to the Louvre.
The foyer….
This is through a plate glass and looking to the interior
We passed through this entrance part and came into the main open courtyard
Unfortunately, May 8 is VE (Victory in Europe) Day and the Louvre was closed.
Pas de problem, we went to the Tuilleries which is just next door instead.
The camera cannot capture the expansiveness of all this but it was loaded with people enjoying the douce weather.

The children playing with the pond boats was so sweet. 
You rent a stick, the man puts the boats in and everyone runs around the pond
 pushing the boats.
Once again, everywhere you turn, there is a picture opportunity.
We also had our first glimpse of la Tour Eiffel
We decided to head back to the apartment so we could change for dinner.
After changing, back to the metro for the ride over to the restaurant.
It was off the boulevard Georges V, and after getting off the metro 
was just a couple blocks away.
The name of the restaurant is La Fermette Marboeuf on rue Marbouef.
I encourage you to find it online and look at the gorgeous arte deco interior.
Our dining companion told us that all this was found under plasterboard and restored.
I snapped a couple pics for you.
The wall directly behind one of our companions. The walls are covered 
with these gorgeous bas relief images.
Here is a part of the ceiling
Our dinner was typically French…
the food was excellent, the waiter a bit rude….
I had a fabulous filet de boeuf with Bernaise.
My husband had a langoustine soup (fantastic) and salt crusted duck breast.
Our companion had lamb chops.
For dessert we had a souffle….the first I have ever eaten.
It was gorgeous and so light it was like eating air.
 I could compare it to cotton candy in lightness and the way it melted on the tongue. 
After dinner we debated walking to the Eiffel tower, because we were so close, but trying to stay to our plan of not exhausting ourselves, we returned home.
Un autre jour

Alors! I must go before my husband falls asleep on the sofa!
Today: Versailles

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  1. Belle dame en vacances.


  2. Love your pics and comments. What wonderful memories you are creating.

  3. oh man, do you ever deserve this lovely break! You’re making me just a little jealous. Oh how I love pannacotta. Continue to enjoy!!!

  4. Oh, i love these posts!! Lovely, just lovely!

  5. Thanks for taking me along! Yummy desserts!!!

  6. Enjoying your entire tour in backwards order Lorraine! You are a good writer and your words along with the pictures are very enjoyable to read.

  7. All I want to say is ” Merci Beaucoup.
    You are a great writer. I enjoyed so very much.

    Julie x

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