Thursday Shopper #16

Good Morning Dahlings!!

Today I am NOT going shopping!
Just be still for a moment and apply a cool cloth to your forehead, you’ll be fine in a minute.

As you know, TS is flying off to gay Paree on Sunday!
In anticipation of her trip she has been slogging through cyberspace doing research 
to find some lovely places to visit!
Shopping is a MUST of course but you know TS’s taste.
She loves cooking, so not only is a cooking class scheduled but she will also take a walking tour of some FABULOUS markets.
She LOVES thrifting so she will be visiting the marche aux puces.
She loves all forms of needlework so she will also visit some embroidery and fabric shops.

TS is NOT interested in anything she can already buy here, like a Chanel jacket.
Now, if she could actually enter an atelier and see some folks at work to make some of these things THAT would be entirely different!
But, alas, she could not find anything like that.

Take a look at what she DID find however…..

an embroidery shop that just happens to have a lovely blue velvet Empire settee

a knitting shop

another embroidery shop 

Many of the sites offer videos and not pictures. I have included a link to one here so you can see how lovely it is!
Des Fils et une Aiguelle

Scroll down a bit and on the left you will see “enter”. Click and you can watch the video.
Someday I’ll learn how to just insert the video…that would be nice!

Reading the info from other fabric enthusiasts has been QUITE enlightening.
Apparently, fabric shops carry mostly imported from China fabrics and they are VERY expensive! For that reason, I will stick with the march aux puces in the hopes of tracking down some metis or even some grain sacks. No doubt the grain sacks have all been shipped to the US as it seems to be SUCH a rage….and I’ll bet les prix sont astronomique!

I may find other things however….


I think I’m actually having palpitations…..




Uh oh….silver…..cleansing breath…calm down…

Do you realize that next Thursday I will be SHOPPING IN PARIS???

Where is that cool cloth……..excuse me while I lie down……


  1. My dear and precious friend Lorraine I have been up early this morning fasting and praying for many on this National Day of Prayer.

    I have prayed for you and yours and will continue to do so throughout the day.

    Praise God from whom all blessings flow.

  2. OK now I am turning vert with envy! Happy shopping and have a wonderful trip. Sigh…


  3. Oh my goodness! Embroidery shops! I’m so jealous I don’t even have any here in the South! Ahhh, take pictures and think of your poor daughter here in SC who has been no where since 1990! Wait there was that trip to Costco yesterday, guess I lied! I travelled to the other side of town! LOL Have an excellent time Mom and find the romance with Daddy!

  4. Well you know I am drooling here .all the wonderful things you will see .Can’t wait to hear all about your trip ..I am excited for you !!

  5. Is that an anteater head I see?


  6. says:

    Have a wonderful trip, I know you will see wonderful things and hope you will find treasurers to bring home with you. God Bless you and yours while you are away and keep you both safe and healthy.

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