The Fat Lady Sang…..

As the saying goes “It ain’t over til the fat lady sings”
Well, she sang this weekend and another graduate is released on the unsuspecting world…
Hopefully he’ll find his way…
He’s certainly gotten enough advice from old people……..
From both sides of the pond…….

And even though there are people anxiously awaiting his departure so the room is theirs….
And waiting in the wings to become top dog…..
He has lots of support and can always come back……
for a visit……..
to party with some friends and family…….
After graduation….he hit the round of parties and the rest gathered on the dock 
for a good old fashioned low country boil.
That’s some good eatin’ (as we say here)
Some just wanted the corn……
The temps all weekend were nice and mild
And we enjoyed eating, and visiting……
Cleanup was so easy…toss the seafood scraps in the creek, 
bunch up the paper…

Next day was the graduation party at the beach…..
turned out it was not only mild, but windy and chilly…….
Beach towels and sweatshirts came in handy
as well as standing in the sun.
This group never lets anything stand in the way of eating so we persevered….
Most of us took it in stride….
some have a flair for the dramatic however…….
People from south Florida should never leave home 
without sweatshirts, gloves and hats.
My sister always manages to be stylish and coordinated however,
 no matter the situation.
She would prefer Coach gloves though……..
World problems were solved over a fire….nothing changed there…….
Cornhole tournaments were started
We tried to avoid flying objects thrown by inexperienced small people
Papaw took Hunter to the beach but wouldn’t let him in the water……
He was not happy and decided to go anyway… Mimi had to step in……..
It was pretty windy down there
but the air was warmer and the water was fine….
He started out just testing 
And running away from the waves
But it didn’t take long for the real fun to begin
As usual, Mom and Dad spoil all Mimi and Hunter’s fun……
Screaming was no use……..
And any attempt at escape was fruitless…….
Eventually the poor child was manhandled into something dry and orange
And handed the most effective problem solver known to the world…….
A cupcake…….
Happiness restored…
Notice that he is hardly messy….?
As compared to others who play with their food….
Soon, we had enough and decided to pack up……….
As soon as we were done…….the sun came out and the wind died……..
Sounds like normal life in action doesn’t it?

We returned home, collapsed on the porch and tried to relax for the rest of the evening.
Sent my sis home to WARM and SUNNY south Florida on Monday……..

Back to life…….
How was your weekend?


  1. What a fun party!!!!

    And the graduate is one handsome young man!

    I wish him the very best life has to offer, truly.

  2. Loved this post and a glimpse at the Flibbertigibbet family. One handsome boy all graduated, one grandson with curls, and everything inbetween for a fun filled weekend.


  3. Anonymous says:

    well now, this has been such a joy to read! my first one from you, and i laughed and could relate the whole way through it! love it!!!!

  4. Ah, your family is beautiful and you are blessed to have them all. Best wishes to the graduate! Our weekend was very nice. We shopped for and got Mr. a new grill and on Sunday he got it all put together and made dinner on it. That is my latest post if you’d like to visit. Your grandson is a sweetie. XO, Pinky

  5. Mimi, a great entry that captured the essence and fun of the weekend! When I look at pictures of Hunter like that, it’s hard to believe I was irritated in the moment!! All in fun—-what a terrific weekend!!

  6. What a fun party with your family. Well, two fun parties. Congrats to the graduate. xo Diana

  7. Informal parties are the best kind of graduation celebration. It looks like everybody had a good time, so now you can put your feet up and relax!

  8. Anonymous says:

    Mom, I always feel you are a talented writer, but this takes the cake!! This post was soooooo clever and the pictures were hilarious!! I want some copies! Very creative blog entry and truly captured the weekend beautifully. Fun times!! Love you, Shelli

  9. Congratulations to your graduate! These are special family celebrations. Looks like you had a wonderful weekend!
    Mary Alice

  10. That is good eatin! What a glorious day for you and yours. Congratulations.

    Thank you so very much for your friendship and loving support.

  11. Terrific party, Lorraine. He is one lucky young man, and Mimi and Hunter are so cute. I think orange is her color. You know, you are so right. Cupcakes are a great problem solver. At least they are around here.

  12. OH wow what a handsome graduate!
    Such sweet pictures & what a lovely party…I felt I was there!
    What size suitecase did you have for your trip to Paris…wow for all the wonderful things you got!
    Did you throw away the gravy boat that broke?…keep it!

  13. Beautiful pics have a great camera !

  14. What a beautiful post! One kid down, 25 more to go……keep praying!

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