Have You Seen This?

Even though I try and look at Pinterest, other blogs, magazines, etc as often as I can. Things sneak up on me and I think
“why didn’t I see this before now?”
Does that happen to you?
It definitely happened with blogging.
I wasn’t one to sit on a computer and play games, surf the web or read blogs.
I’ve always been busy with SOMETHING
So, blogging was around FOREVER before I knew about it.
A WHOLE new world opened up for me and I jumped in with both feet.
Today I saw something when I read The 36th Avenue this morning…..
Do you know these people?

I know her name….Tori Spelling.
 I never watched her reality show….
they are not usually my cup of tea.
But I’ve seen her on a couple talk shows and she seems quite nice and down to earth.
At least for a very wealthy, pampered daughter of wealthy parents in Hollywoodland.

Back to 36th Avenue…….did you know Tori 
(I guess she’s like Cher and Madonna….so famous only one name is needed)
 has created 
(with the help of marketers, investors, designers, manufacturers, etc)
a line of jewelry components that are super easy to assemble by yourself.
Now, despite my comments above, I think it is pretty ingenious!
It’s just that I know so many of you out there who,
 if given just one teeny tiny chance….
could have something for sale in a store too!
You have to have the connections.
So, nothing against Tori or any of the other already wealthy
people who want to sell their ideas
I just wish some of you had the chance.
That’s why we’re all so happy for 
Marian at Miss Mustard Seed
It’s like watching a friend finally get a chance to shine!
It’s available through Darice and sold at Jo-Ann’s

I was just in Jo-Anns the other day!
But, as I said, because this is JUST ANOTHER THING I didn’t know about…..
I didn’t know to look for it!

I have no idea how much it would cost to make a necklace but I’m going to check it out.

I just thought I would pass it on…..
but you probably already know….

Here’s a link too…..

Did you already know?


  1. I kind of knew she had jewelry, but that was all I knew of it. I didn’t realize it was a line of DIY jewelry. I’ll have to check it out next time I’m at Joanns.

  2. Tori Spelling will be hosting a CRAFTERS CHALLANGE on TLC starting mid June,one of the bloggers who blog about Mod Podge will be on the show. Finally a show about crafting instead of cooking, I love to cook,but isnt it great they are going to have challanges regarding crafting,check your local TLC to see air date and time.

  3. Had no clue and I have no clue about almost anything in Hollywood – haven’t watched television since the 70s, haha, so truly am clueless!

    Now if you ask me about Jane Austen………

  4. Nope- didn’t know it. I am always the last one to know anything…including what blogging was/is/can be…lol When you asked…Why didn’t I see this before now…I immediately began checking out her outfit and thought maybe she was pulling a Janet Jackson exposure routine…lol You can see how MY mind works! xo Diana

  5. Tori is Aaron Spelling’s daughter … you know him, right? As in Charlie’s Angels. And Melrose Place. And the original Beverly Hills 90210 in which his daughter Tori starred as the high school virgin …?


  6. Actually I saw it on someone’s blog this week. Otherwise, would have never known till now. Do you think one of those necklaces would look good over my paint/project clothes?

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