Yard Sales Are Not My Thing

If you know anything about me at all, it’s this
Not much can be better than a day shopping in my book…
Home Goods….yeah baby
Garden Ridge…..yee ha
Goodwill……oh my yes
Salvation Army…..stand up and salute me baby
Hancock Fabrics……fabriculous
Then there’s Macy’s, Nordstroms, Ethan Allen, Stein Mart, Sam’s, Barnes and Noble…….
and all my little favorite boutiques…..
I mean, give me a store and I’m a happy girl….
I’m not a yard sale girl…..
Don’t get me wrong, when I hear your stories of all the neat things you find, I think….
maybe I should go to some yard sales this weekend……
You know what bothers me?
 It’s the driving all over kingdom come 
(what the heck does THAT mean anyway)
which requires
getting up early on the ONE day I get to sleep in…
a LOT of time….


a LOTof gas….

just to find

blanket on the ground with plastic toys 
and still visible vomit onesies right next to the plastic flowers

On Saturday however, I enjoyed some yard sales…….
alright, fine, I can hear you saying
a new convert…..!!!
don’t be too sure of yourself there girlie….
I’m NOT converted
I refuse to yield

What started this day off was simply a desire to help my church.
They were holding a yard sale to raise money for mission trips 
to Mexico and Vietnam.
OK FINE……I will get out of bed for THAT
I will even FORCE myself to buy an Egg McMuffin and coffee on the way
so I wouldn’t keel over in someone’s yard.

So….I did….
Drove almost 1/2 hr to get there,
pulled in, got out, and laid my eyes on the first item
OK…the kids are killing me….I might need that in about 18 months…
Moving on…..
What’s this? A nice pitcher…..I’ll take that…..
A sweet little yellow rocker…..I’ll take that….
Metal advertising signs…..I’ll take those
(don’t write…I know they’re repro)
While I was driving the half hour, I had seen several yard sale signs along the way.
See…that’s how I think it SHOULD be done….
if you HAPPEN to be passing by ANYWAY
it’s OK to stop….

Lest you think I’m some raving
tree hugging
reusable bag carrying
tinfoil folding
baggie washing
Navy shower
person……I’m not….but I live on a budget
with someone who will say
Your gas bill is $560,000 this month!!

Then I have to go into a litany of…

If I keep talking long enough his eyes glaze over and he says
“nevermind, nevermind…just try to stop driving so much”

That’s why I don’t go to yard sales

unless I happen to be driving by that is….
which is what happened on Saturday….
and this is what I found…..

OK…I did stop at Salvation Army on the way home….
I was passing RIGHT by…I SWEAR
that’s where I found the maple table….
 But most everything great came from the yard sales…
Homer Laughlin dishes…..
check out this bird design…..

How often do you see giant mutant ninja pears?
Maybe once in your life….if you’re lucky…
I bought two….what can I say…by then I was a 

I’m also a sucker for anything wire……
especially when it’s $1
did you hear what I said?
The woman at this house was selling everything
even stuff right out of the yard….
I spied this and WANTED it….if the price was right….
it was…….
she had two…I took them both

Luckily I had some cash left over…..
I put it in the gas tank……
now I have to stay home all week…..
That’s OK….I have all that new furniture to paint

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  1. You found some wonderful finds! I love the Homer Laughlin dishes.
    I am an avid yard sale person. I have a specific neighborhood I go to every Saturday. Its an area where there are several housing developments. So the driving is very minimal. My hubby does not complain about the gas………..he just calls me the “junk lady”!

  2. LOL! You are so funny! However, you did score some wonderful goodies, so it was all worth it , right? ;D

  3. I’m with you! Saturday is one of the days I can sleep in and get stuff done. I don’t want to waste those precious hours driving to garage sales that have the normal garbage. BUT, when I see stuff like this, it starts me wondering…….

  4. I LOVE this post! You got amazing finds for a not too frequent yard saler.
    Thanks for stopping by, Mary Alice

  5. Yes, I like the ones you just happen by. I’ve taken to going to the grocery store on early Saturday mornings and stopping at whatever I pass in that 1.5 mile trip. That’s it. I know what you mean about that budget thing – I spent a hunk of my food money for the week – good thing Mike is out of town! FYI – I wouldn’t go to yard sales either if I had four thousand children! Love those signs you found! I love pears. What on earth is that pear made out of?

  6. Funny! I love your haul! I think that stopping as you happen to be going by makes more sense than any “planned” day…. These folks with their carefully plotted maps and their gritty determination to elbow you on their way to that stack of albums from the late 60s? Not my way of doing things at all. I think if you can see a baby bouncer from the street, just keep driving. I’m long past that stage, and those folks don’t have anything I want. Give me a Grandma who’s looking to purge some stuff – including a few darling antiques, and I’m there. Looks like you found one of those… Good job!

  7. So it’s ok to for me to say nice pear….you’ll know what I mean? Or nice pair of pears?


  8. I love to yard sale, but I have two “nice” neighborhoods close by and I set out on my loop to visit both. If I see a sign, I drive down the street and stop. If not, I keep going. It’s a 10 mile loop. I don’t look in the paper, Craig’s list or any of that stuff. It can be a wild goose chase and eat up a quarter of a tank of gas. This way, I control my driving, and I always find some great stuff and never spend more than $50.

  9. WOW!!! what an interesting HAUL!!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!! thanks for sharing my friend — once again i am so sorry i have not been around much — sending you and yours tons of hugs!!!

  10. Great finds. Lucky you to find those ironstone pitchers. I have no luck at yard sales.

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