How Do I Love Thee?

This will be a glimpse into my  weirdness….

I love furniture, some more than others.

“How do I love thee? Let me count the ways….”

I keep making an excuse to walk past it so I can look at it…… 

like the boy you had such a crush on in school…

I turn it different ways to see how it might look best….

like the way you redid your hair and makeup 
and tried on fifteen outfits before you went on a date……

I take pictures and look at them….

like you used to hang up the pictures 
of those singers and movie stars in your room….

I mean, some pieces of furniture I finish 

I. just. fall.

With the beautiful details…
The curves and flourishes
The small parts
And the large parts
the way paint and distressing changes the look and feel
when something that is chosen is just right
and it goes from this (initially brown) thrift store chair
to this
I love this chair
I’m not sure I can part with it….
Could you?

(Gray primer, gesso, ASCP French Linen, dark and clear wax, Graphic Fairy image)

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  1. Most definitely not! It’s a gorgeous chair and it looks like it’s made to accent your wallpaper. Beautifully done.

  2. THAT is a fabulous chair, Lorraine! What great detailing on the back. Love the new color and the seat. Of course, it’s a keeper!

  3. Okay- I think that one is a keeper- I LOVE it- The perfect color and covering combo- xo Diana

  4. No, I would not be parting with this beauty! The details are swoon-worthy!

  5. You have done a marvelous job with that amazing chair – it truly is gorgeous and I would be loathe to part with it as well.

  6. The back on that chair is amazing. I think you should definitely keep it. I tried to email you but that link doesn’t seem to be working. I was wondering: If you use ASCP, do you have to use her waxes as well?

  7. That is BEAUTIFUL!!! I love the color and the fabric is perfect!!! XO, Pinky

  8. I love this one and tell me what is that shade of gray..and you are right on when you talk details…I love them

  9. Of course I wouldn’t be able to part with this chair. I’d have to at least keep it for awhile and enjoy the beauty of it.
    Mary Alice

  10. It is lovely!

  11. NO NO NO I Would not part either! LOve the details and the colour the rustic fabric, everything! so beautiful, just beautiful!

    And thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment!!

  12. That chair looks great! Love to color! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog…the saga of Brandywine continues.

  13. This is one FABULOUS chair and no…. I could NOT part with it!

  14. Wow, how can you part with this? I love carved pieces. When they are painted, they take on a whole new personality. Looks so good in your dining room too. You just have to keep it. That’s that!

  15. It’s a beauty! Put it in your bedroom. No one will love it as much as you.

  16. I love this chair too! I had the joy of seeing it in person, lucky me! It’s stunning! Great job!
    -your Daughter!

  17. Your so right! That is one gorgeous looking chair.


  18. So funny I did the same thing ! Bought one almost like yours painted it and fell in love! It is still in my kitchen!! Yep kept it!

  19. What a beautiful chair!! I love the color and the fabric with the design!! Yeah, keep it!!

  20. No, not me…I could not give up that terrific chair…the color is gorgeous!!

  21. The chair is beautiful! Love everything about it!

  22. Oh I love it- I would have to keep it too!! Thanks for sharing it at Feathered Nest Friday! 🙂

  23. LOve, love it!
    I love chairs….(I have several for sale) I love taking them home from garage sales or thrift stores and “remaking them” into better works of art.
    This is beautiful….Love the chair pad….

  24. You mean, you’re considering getting rid of it? But it looks like it “belongs” there. You did a wonderful job on making it look so gorgeous!

  25. Love it too…nope I think it looks right at home with you 🙂 Partying with you this summer…thanks for hosting! Laurel

  26. Your chair is soo beautiful. love the details and the new color. The upholstery is superb. definitely this is a keeper.
    so glad to have discovered your blog: I’ve so much enjoyed my visit and will be back again soon for more inspiration.

  27. just gorgeous! those details are stunning!!!

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