How To Become Famous

I love Linky Parties!
I love looking at all the great ideas people have
I also love how so many of us DIYers think alike
And I think…why aren’t more of us famous?
We all know why…it’s 

being in the right place
at the right time
with the right people

Look at Martha Stewart
I mean, she tells people how to iron for goodness sake
Or how to put a seedling into a pot….

Here’s how it works….
Say I post something like this, or this or even this
Potential Famous Person (now known as PFP)
is browsing the web and spots my fabulous creation
“Wow”, she thinks, “these could be marketed”
she calls her friend, who happens to be married to a rich California guy 
(that’s where the real money is, I think) 
and who loves to give his wife little “projects” to do to keep her happy 
and she says “hey, do you want to help me make these things” 
and rich wife says 
“OMG, I was wondering what I was going to do for the rest of the year because our house in France is undergoing extensive renovations and I’m so tired of flying over to France to see how it’s going and having to go to the stupid flea market OVER and OVER and I just know (rich husband) would LOVE to invest in this little project! How fun!!

So, they find some factory in a Third World Country (why waste their money) and begin making my their creation and putting it in adorable little boutiques for big bucks. 
Of course people love it (Hey, this is MY story and I’ll tell it how I want)
and pretty soon PFP gets invited to appear on a big HGTV show 
(take your pick) and tell about her wonderful creation. 
Soon after she is asked to write a book about how she grew her business from one tiny idea into the megabillion company it is now. Eventually this leads to an award show where she tearfully thanks the little people who have made her what she is today (that would be us out here slogging away in hot garages) and she is plastered all over the fashion pages because she’s so beautiful and has kept her gorgeous body by cleverly adopting several ethnic children so she could appeal to the broad masses while forming the appropriate American family and still being able to wear a bikini. 

She leaves the award show with her handsome/rich/famous/hunky husband and they climb into the limo where she says “this is so exhausting” and he massages her hands and feet until they arrive at her reproduction French chateau and can go inside to the marble entry where the underpaid Indonesian/Cambodian/Mexican/Ukranian maid can hand her a cool glass of organic green tea with imported honey and she can review the gardens to be sure that all her English roses have been deadheaded because someone is coming to do a magazine shoot of her fantastic French home and glean her insightful decorating/gardening/creating ideas so the little people can learn something.

Our party starts tonight…….
we’d love to have some of you little people join us….
but don’t say I didn’t warn you


  1. Well, I love your blog, but I wish you’d ask me before writing about my life! ;D

  2. LOL! You are too funny and what’s even better is that your little tale is probably more real than we would care to know!

  3. LOL – I just love it! Too funny!

  4. Heh. Funny but oh-so-true-ish.

    DEFINATELY good blogger DIY ideas are stolen every single day, no doubt.

    But we know who they are and they’re famous to us and that’s what counts.

    Fortune and fame is over-rated and has too high a cost to pay, IMHO.

    Have fun with your linky party!! Can;t wait to see it all!

  5. This is why I don’t attend more parties…someone could totally steal my innovative ideas for putting toilet paper on the roller. My lips are zipped.
    Now where is the maid with my tea…

  6. well i never..some one stole my story…. hahaha occasionally i have seen nearly that very scenario play outand wonder what the injured party can do about it. not much i would guess. but we have to cange the state-3rd city declared bankruptcy yesterday.

  7. How did you know about the maid??? And the organic honey??? Do you have SPIES watching me????:):):) GREAT post! What is the linky party that is coming in a few hours????

  8. Ah ha ha ha ha ha ha….

    All the gold in California, is in the bank in the middle of Beverly Hills in somebody elses name……


  9. You crack me up! This was fun!

  10. You make me smile! Thanks so much for hosting parties while we’re all waiting for our BIG break! Blessings ~ Judy

  11. Lorraine- Isn’t that the truth? When my kids were little and potty training those diapers had the adhesive tabs that if you tried to take them off they would rip out half the diaper and there was no way to reuse them (if they were clean). Do you remember those? Anyway, when I got a new box I would sit down at the sewing machine and stitch right up the sides of them and then we could pull them up and down. A few years later? Along came PULL UPS. I just missed my fortune.

    I loved your “story board” here. xo Diana

  12. Wow, Lorraine, you didn’t hold anything back with this post, did you? I’m from California but none of that money is in my name which is why I’m still a little person just going about my daily blog. Thanks for co-hosting the party with all of us.

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