How To Make Your Husband Happy

Don’t get your self in a dither…
This is NOT a Cosmoesque list of ideas….
Speaking of Cosmo…WHAT is up with the cover titles!! 

For goodness sake, 

I’ve been distracting kids at the checkout counter for YEARS because of them…
Back when MY kids were little they had racy titles that screamed… 

“How to drive him wild in bed”
I know the answer to THAT one already….

Eat crackers…..

“Sex Tips Kept Secret From You, Finally Revealed”

Know it……

Go on vacation without kids….you’ll be fine after you’ve had a couple days of sleep

“What He Really Wants From You”

Bingo! Got that too….

A clean garage.

Shameful as it is….I’ll actually show you a before picture…
With cute labels so you can see the
 “treadmill” and “bicycle” 
as explanation for why my blogger butt can no longer go down the
 “narrow path”…..
be careful…swallow so you don’t snort your coffee…

This is the lovely view as I leave the house…to go to the thrift store of course….

The after one will have to follow in a few days….this is not a short (or pleasant) process. But, I HAVE found out 
“What He Really Wants From…”
Cosmo has nothing on me when it comes to the man pleasing department….
I’m expecting a call from them any day now.

Enough of THAT!! 

How about some inspiration?

A cute lampshade made from paint chips! This idea could go a long way!
I’ve got five street smart kids living here…all I need to do is channel Oliver! and I’ll have enough paint chips to cover 39 lampshades……

Stools made from plastic crates! If you’re a teacher, this would be great for the classroom! Each child could have storage too! They could choose their own fabric!

Last but not least….
I love Karianne.….I mean, I have a serious girl crush….
Anyone who writes like she does goes straight into my heart…
filed under “exceptional writer type people”
I love her recipe tea towel

I have to say that this idea for preserving an actual handwritten, family recipe is really great!

If you’ve never heard of Spoonflower….you need to get there because it is a great place to browse…..this was on their blog…..


OK, the time has come……heading out to the garage….
I secretly love going through all of it and organizing…
don’t tell my husband….it’s better if he thinks I’m
sacrificing myself for him
another Miss Cosmotigibbet secret……..


  1. Hahahaha – all sooooo true!

  2. haha! I draw the line at garage cleaning, I clean up after him everywhere else!

  3. Oh- Guess what I DID for TWO LONG HOT DAYS this weekend? If you guessed cleaned and straightened the garage you would be correct. We could not even walk through there. It was a monster and today, to tell the truth, I feel half sick from the heat and humidity from the last two days- UGH- Good luck in your Conquer The Clutter quest- xo Diana

  4. hahaha – I like the way you think. Periodically, I’ll try to clean up our garage because I’m actually the one who messes it up.

  5. I hope to God Power Tool Monthly will post a title too…. “What she really wants from a man” and the answer is the same, clean the dammmmmm garage!


  6. Your way of driving your husband crazy in bed is way more fun than Cosmo’s. Crackers? You crack me up. Take heart. It only took me a solid week to clean my office before I would photograph and share. It’s still clean though. At least I had AC in my office. Stay cool.

  7. Thanks for the giggles and the smiles and the link to the recipe dishtowels…they are so beautiful.

  8. I’m sure spoonflower will be contacting me any day for my own line of hand written dishtowels….once I send them the link to my project 🙂

    hee hee 🙂

    You are my girl!

    Have an awesome day rock star!

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