Make a Slip ‘n Slide

This is a super easy and fun project!
Two years ago we made an impromptu slip ‘n slide int he front yard with some building plastic. the kids had a great time but the plastic ended up pretty shredded.
This time, I planned a bit more in advance.
I used a pond liner….I just grabbed a package, but you can get a piece that is much longer which would make it really fun…
You can also buy plastic the same thickness and save some money there. 
Ask at the hardware store.
 If you’re lucky enough to ever see a neighbor getting a new pool liner, 
grab a piece of the old one…then it’s totally cheap!
So, pool liner, duct tape, plastic landscape pegs, baby shampoo….all you need.
Unfold the liner in the sun for about half an hour and all the wrinkles will flatten out. 
Makes it easier to edge it with tape.

Once it’s flattened, drag it to a hard surface, driveway, patio, porch…so you can apply the tape.
Edge it with the duct tape.

Back to the yard……I found a slightly sloping spot to give more speed….
I knew the boys would like that!
I used a pair of scissors to poke a hole and then pushed the pegs in.
 If your ground is hard, go slowly because the pegs can bend. 

I found some stand up misters at  Home Depot while I was there and bought those because I thought they’d be nice during the summer anyway.
 But my original plan was to use a shepherds hook
attach the hose with wire ties and then the water would be coming down from above
 to wet the slide. That’s a cheaper version and very easy.
Wet it down, add a drizzle of baby shampoo to keep it slippery and add kids……
Even if they’re not really sure what’s going on
You have to stay out of the way of the big boys……
they’re crazy

When you’re all tuckered out
You can lay around and eat corn

And cake

And listen to your pretty cousin play the guitar

A Slip ‘N Slide party……
It’s a good thing….

dontcha think?

Coming soon to a blog near you….


  1. What fun. I don’t think they are marketed anymore, are they? (the boxed ones, I mean) Anything to do with water and kids sounds fun to me-xo Diana

  2. I’m on my way over sunblock in hand!!! How fun!
    Also wanted to let you know that i gave you a shout out for your books in a birdcage vignette, i did my own spin on it! Thank You! 😉

  3. What a great post – and the children look like they’re having a wonderful time!

    Looks like such fun – I think that’s what I hate most about getting older….knowing I can’t do fun things like SlipnSlide anymore – my bones would break if I tried it now, haha.

    Cute post!!

  4. How cool is that!!! Looks like fun and a super easy project too.I think my daughter would LOVE this!

  5. This looked like a very fun party for the young and flexible. Great idea.

  6. I never had a slip n slide, so of course when my kids were little they had to have one, but my favorite when I was a kid was Water Wiggle. I loved that dancing hose thing.


  7. Oh… I remember spending hot summer days sliding and splashing…. with the sprinkler going and a big ol’ sheet of black plastic that our Dad would anchor down on the lawn for us 🙂

    A wonderful summer tradition!!

    Enjoy your week, and happy 4th to you !!

    Smiles 🙂

  8. Totally dude! Hehehe. I’m going to pin this for next year’s family get together. Our daughter has a huge yard with no trees that will make the perfect slippery playground.

  9. My grandkids would love this!

  10. felice giornata a te…ciao

  11. It is a very enjoying post and watching children like this make you feel happy. Thanks for sharing. Pond Liner

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