Shout Out Day!

I’ve had a couple things that need shouting about but I’ve been so busy running in too many directions lately that I haven’t done that! So here are a few for you……

Milk Paint Shout Out!

I’ve been getting pre-orders for Milk Paint and that’s great!!
At the top of the page I’ve added a temporary clickable link so you can look at the colors. Each time MMS finishes a new piece of furniture in a color, I’ll add it in. Looking at the furniture is SUCH a help!
The link to the pre-order form is on the sidebar. Click, fill out the form and it comes back to me. You can write a question you may have right on the form and I’ve been answering those directly.
One question is about the performance of the paint as well as the use of the other products. MMS has uploaded three YouTube videos and they answer most of the questions I’ve received.

Savvy City Farmer Shout Out!

Miss Joy is just the best! Her blog is wonderful and her Shop The Shed store is great! Joy’s style is impeccable and I so enjoyed seeing her home profiled in the new issue of Romantic Country. I recently won a copy of the new book Vintage by Nina  from Joy’s giveaway and it came while I was in DC! What a welcome home treat to sit and look through my new book today! Languages come easily to me and I speak French, a bit of Italian, Spanish and German but this Swedish book has been a challenge!The pictures are to DIE FOR but I’m also very eager to read the text…..guess I need to head to the library or see if my Icelandic hairstylist happens to know any Swedish too! 

Good Friend Shout Out!

Blogging has it’s drawbacks for sure but there is the fantastic advantage of making new friends who are SO MUCH LIKE YOU! You know I co-hosted a Linky Party that started last week. We had many entries and were SO PLEASED with the response!! It runs every Friday through July so join up this week too!
I may have initially organized the party but I definitely didn’t have the skills to carry it all out….I just knew I wanted to do it! These talented gals were indispensable with their computer abilities, their thoughts and suggestions and their patience with me when panic set in the night of the party and I had to quickly readjust something in the Linky dashboard! All of us have very busy lives and there were a few times we wanted to ditch the whole idea…but each time one voiced worry, the others all voiced encouragement. What a team!!!
You need to visit them if you haven’t!

My Friends

Bliss Ranch       Bella Nest                Little Miss Maggie              Somewhat Quirky

I haven’t stopped working on projects 
but the trip to DC left everything in a state of 
“almost” finished! 
 Soon…I promise!


  1. I am so impressed that you speak French. I was just thinking literally 10 minutes ago I must learn that language. It’s Beautiful! It has been such a pleasure working with you and our other co-hostess bloggers on the link party project. It’s great to make friends with such kindred spirits especially when going through a learning process. It’s just so nice to know there are other helpful caring people out there.

  2. It is nice to hear your Shout Outs. Bloggy friends are so good at helping each other out. I am always amazed and blessed by them.

    Welcome home and it will be fun to see what you have to finish up-xo Diana

  3. Great shout outs! Especially Joy! Love her, love her blog. I love blogging, I have made so many wonderful friends!
    The linky party sounds like fun! I’m in!

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