Time to Party!!!

My friends and I are so excited!

This is our first party…..

and we’re all….

and hoping we look alright…..

and checking to see if everything is ready…..

and worried that the people we invited will actually come……

and wondering…..
do we have enough room?
are we playing the right music?
do we have enough food?


we don’t need food and music and chairs
you have your  OWN music and food and chairs

All we need is your 
creative goodness!!
Bring it on!!

Look what we’ve been up to this week
Get your game on and let’s 

Rules: we’re really nice people but it’s the same everywhere….
  You MUST link back to your host or your post will be removed
 Please link to the specific post and not your blog
 No Etsy, advertisements or other sales and don’t link another Linky party please
 Be polite and be a follower of your host …don’t forget to follow their FB page too!
 Please check out some of the other entries! This party helps us all to get visitors and we         should be polite and share the love!
 You are welcome to enter a few times but don’t be a piggy about it.
 Make sure to come back and see if you’ve been featured! Grab an 
“I’ve been featured” button from the sidebar.
 The party runs all through July so put the button on your sidebar so others can find it through YOUR blog!
 (they’ll think you’re SO cool because you party in the right places)

See you back tonight!!
We open at 8 pm…..
(she says hopefully….do you hear teeth chattering?)


  1. How’d you get that collage so big without it getting fuzzy? Can I join your party, looks like some place I want to hang out!


  2. Do I need to wear a swimsuit?

  3. WHEW! I was all worried because I wasn’t sure that I could find my cute shoes (and I’m kind of a train wreck when I dance.) I’ll be over to party at 8 with “bells on”…well, maybe not bells, but it’ll be something faaaancy…cuz that’s how I roll! YAY for a HOT HOT HOT new place to PARTAY with all of you steamin’ ladies!!!!


  4. Good luck- I hope it is a great success for you- xo Diana

  5. Just found you and linked up and now following! I know what you mean about being nervous…I too am doing my first blog hop…Would love it if you would join our hop!

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