Vintage Quilt Love

You know I collect things…….
old silver…
old books…
to name a few……
But, there is one thing I have always wanted to find and never have…..
vintage quilts…..I want a stack of them….like this…

Oh I’ve seen them plenty……but they’re not affordable 
Perhaps I love quilts so because at heart, I’m a seamstress. 
I love fabrics and creating with fabric.
The modern quilts are certainly impressive….in fact, they are works of art.
But I imagine most are carefully hung or otherwise displayed and not used every day for years.
The draw for me to the old quilts is the fact that they were objects of need……useful…..necessary for everyday living….

Somewhere a woman or girl labored for many weeks over a quilt that was produced to cover a loved one…
Bits of old dresses, seed bags, flour sacks, and whatever else could be used were transformed into beautiful but useful creations.

The tattered edge means that someone half asleep pulled the quilt up to cover a chilly shoulder.

The worn out areas means that someone washed the quilt over and over and hung it on the line to dry in the sun.
Perhaps the dog or cat curled up in the same spot for years because that’s where the sun was.

A baby was swaddled up in the quilt and placed in a basket so they could accompany Mother as she did her  outdoor chores, or kept warm as the family went to market or church.
I would venture to say that not often did anyone give a thought as to how important these utilarian things would become to us modern folks. 

How we would marvel at the tiny stitches and piecework.
How we would take this special find home and try to decide where to place it perfectly…

On an antique rocker?

Or just folded on a shelf?

One little quilt does not a stack make….but at least I have a start…
I have hope that perhaps I’ll find another…..

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  1. Lovely post!

    I have such a regret- my Mom made one quilt when I was little- she was an amazing seamstress and designer and artist – but had 5 children…..and was very ill… her extra time and energy weren’t for doing the things that brought her pleasure, it was just surviving……but when she was healthier she made clothes and all sorts of things, but I remember that quilt.

    She used it on their bed – and used it till it fell apart.

    How I WISH if I would have known we would lose her so young that she or I or someone would have kept mending it….so we still had it. It had our old dresses and Dad’s jammies and old bits of our pillowcases……all used from things we knew………..and has long since been tossed.

    REGRET big time, but I was a kid, and we don’t think like that when very little. Ah well.

    Loved your post. It hit home with me today.


  2. That’s such a pretty quilt! I have to tell you, I never thought of worn & used quilts in this manner, but you’re right and I love your story.

  3. oh what a lovely posting. the bowtie quilt happens to be a favorite. i have one of the quilts that i have made and we have used it and that means LAUNDERED it so you can imagine its condition. Quilts always remind me of one of my grandmothers and an aunt who were (Aunt still is in her early 80s)prolific quilters.She passed this love onto all three of her daughters and one is much more prolific. I guess it is because of its utility as well as beauty that most people love them. thanks again

  4. I adore vintage quilts, even if they are frayed! I hope you saw my Wedding Quilt this week, which was made by my Grandmother!

  5. Quilts are beautiful.And the vintage quilts often tell a story.You found a beautiful one.

  6. oh- yeah-me too! I absolutely LOVE quilts. I have a couple of my Mom’s old ones that I am so happy to have. xo Diana

  7. I have an old cupboard that I’ve always wanted to fill with vintage quilts. I occasionallly find bargain quilts in local shops, but usually end up sharing them with our daughters. So like you, I’ll probably never have a large stack of vintage quilts. Yours is charming. Love the pattern and colors!

  8. I too love old quilts. I made a Grandmother’s Flower Garden Quilt 20 years ago for our bed, but stopped using it because of the wear and tear. It took months to hand sew the quilt. My daughter took it when she moved into her first apartment after college. On my last visit, I was surprised that it actually looks vintage now.

    I have 3 different stacks of quilts in my living room and they are all small quilts I made – next best thing to buying expensive vintage quilts.

    Good luck in your hunt.

  9. I love how soft an old quilt feels and the faded dyes from the old prints are so beautiful. They still retain their beauty even with age.

  10. I bought an old quilt this weekend, too. I love yours and I need more, too.

  11. I want a big old stack of vintage quilts too. I have pieces of vintage quilts and one my grandmother made. The way you described the quilts made my heart melt!

  12. Holly, I wanted so much to say thank you but you have “no-reply blogger” in your return address…so THANK YOU from here…….wish you could see it!

  13. This whole post wraps me like an old quilt. So lovely! I am a huge fan of old quilts!

  14. I love the quilt ..great find !!

  15. I love that quilt. I have a soft spot in my heart for old quilts…just can’t pass one up when it’s priced right!

  16. Such a pretty find! I have been looking for vintage quilts as well.

  17. Beautiful! I love old quilts! I’m now a follower!

  18. Beautiful post, Lorraine. Hooray for the first of hopefully many quilted treasures. xo Jami

  19. I gave a special quilt to my Daughter In Law for my Grand Daughter Alexandria…this is just the kind you wrote about…My grandma added to it.Was her mothers so it is now on Generation 5 and it is very special…and the colors are so rich and sweet…

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