Milk Paint Has Arrived!

Goodness….this has been like giving birth complete with episodes of false labor!
But, I am pleased to say that a several (many several) pound baby is arriving on my doorstep on Tuesday the 25th.
I guess that makes it more like a C-section….since I know when it’s coming…..

I recently used the Ironstone color I have to redo a small medicine cabinet.
Here it is before….

I decided to try Marian’s technique of using no bonding agent. Just the straight milk paint. I wanted the chippy, primitive look.

This is the look with just one coat. You can sort of see why it’s called milk paint. It’s a bit streaky and doesn’t give heavy coverage. I went on to do two coats and then left it overnight, as Marian recommends. I estimate I used perhaps 1/4 bag or less for this piece.

In the morning, I took a metal scraper and began scraping the cabinet.
Sure enough, chips came off very sporadically. It gave a more natural look than the technique of sanding that I usually use.

Keep in mind that you are seeing the final pictures after I used antiquing wax over the paint to give an aged appearance.

Here’s another…don’t you love that vintage, chippy look?

And here it is sitting out for sale at the Primitive Show where I was a vendor that weekend. Check out that cute child’s chair in the chippy white finish sitting right next to the cabinet. The chair has an authentic old finish…….look how good the cabinet I did looks in comparison! I can see I’m going to use this technique often. 

I love the real, honest-to-goodness old chippy stuff, but sometimes it is just in such bad shape by the time it gets that way, that the piece is just too rickety for practical use. Now, I can create the look on  a much more sturdy piece of furniture. I LOVE that!

I was very pleased with the final result. And it was VERY easy to get the look!

Next project….my kitchen table…this time WITH bonding agent so it will look a bit more finished!

If you want to try the Milk Paint out….just use the button in the sidebar to order!


  1. Beautiful…I so love the final result using the milk paint…..Love the color and the antiquing wax is a perfect finish!!…

  2. Hi Lorraine~
    I haven’t tried any milk paint yet. I’m looking forward to seeing more of your projects and opinions on it!
    xo, Tina

  3. I love how it turned out. Been thinking about ‘ya.


  4. Loving the look. It looks so authentic.
    I would love to try the milk paint but am going to try home made chalk paint first as that’s what I can afford, lol.
    I don’t know where you live or the market was at.
    Seems that people here in Western CO (Grand Junction) don’t seem to “get it” at all. They ask me why I think they’d want to buy something that looks all beat up. Sometimes they get down right insulting. It’s very wearying. Come on people, get with it. It’s hard for me not to distress pieces I paint.
    Is that your tray or tool box at right of your cabinet (on table) in pic at the market? That’s the kind of thing we make, one of them anyway.

  5. To srpprcrftr above,
    Sorry but your address is a no-reply so I’m answering here instead! Thanks for commenting. I don’t generally do primitive but it is a big market here, especially in Northern Virginia. The show was a primitive show so I chose to do the cabinet that way. It didn’t sell but I had a LOT of lookers who went straight to it so I think the result was pretty good!
    I agree…primitive is definitely a particular look and not everyone “gets’ it!

  6. Oh, wow! Love how that turned out! I cannot wait until you ship! So excited!!!!!

  7. Wow, Lorraine, I’m so glad you are back. It’s okay to spray paint. I sprayed something this week myself. I absolutely love the chippy finished look of your cabinet. That is one incredible finish. Might even be better than chalk paint.

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