Antique Table Makeover Using a Heat Transfer

Just sharing some of the recent furniture makeovers I did for the Home Sale I had on Hurricane Sandy weekend…..


You heard me….

My timing is just a teeny tiny bit AWFUL…..
Anyway….not much traffic and NO FURNITURE SOLD…..

Luckily, I had planned to also use my garage and had a tent in the driveway so when it started to rain….we moved under the tent and inside the garage.
Needless to say, there was a slight rollover effect from the weather!


Oh well……I’m determined to not give up……just yet….

This was one of my favorite pieces from the sale…

An antique table that was missing the veneer top…..

First, I sanded down the top smoothly, filled the cracks and gave it a nice coat of ASCP Pure White.
I chose this graphic from the Graphics Fairy ( I added the PARIS part) and decided to use the heat transfer method.

Have you tried this yet? it’s not hard but it’s not fast. Now, it’s faster than hand painting and if you don’t have a stencil to use, then this is a good option for transfer.
All you need is a tiny iron….like this

Or this handy Martha Stewart tool that I decided to buy. 

I already had a small iron but I wanted this tiny heated point for cutting my own stencils so I decided to buy the MS one too.
A girl can never have too many teeny irons…right?

Laser print your graphic in mirror image. Position it and tape it down. Heat your iron up and start to apply heat. I counted 20 sec in each spot before moving on…….this took about 1/2 hour. As I said….faster than hand painting.

You can easily peel up a spot to see how it’s coming out and lay it back down and apply more heat. I found that heat is the main factor…..not rubbing. When I reached the point that heat alone didn’t seen to be changing anything, I rubbed with the hot iron and found I was able to transfer some more of the graphic.
You are definitely going to get an aged look with this….the entire graphic won’t transfer….but that’s exactly the look I want 98% of the time so that’s good. 

Once the graphic was on, I used some AS dark wax to get the finish I wanted.
Then I moved on to the base of the table.
I had already used a spray primer because I have NEVER had an old mahogany table that did not bleed through ANY kind of paint I have used…..even spray paint. So, spray primer went on first.

Then it was time to try another of the MMS Milk Paint colors! 

I used Typewriter for this table and was super pleased with the result!

Two coats…..the primer kept it from chipping although I did go over it with a scraper to see what happened. 
As a final touch, I added 1890 to the bottom shelf.

Since there was no chipping, I sanded back a few strategic spots and used MMS antiquing wax on the sanded spots and the furniture wax on the rest.

Love how it turned out! Lots of compliments……just no buyer!

I’ll show you a few more things in the next few days!
Be safe!
For those in the hardest hit areas…prayers for quick recovery!


  1. Wow!~Bad weekend but GOOD product! Your table is amazing. I never even knew they MADE those little irons-(where have I been?;>) You need to reset your date because you have some marvelous things to sell- Glad you weathered the storm- xo Diana

  2. I have seen those irons used….the table turned out so pretty Lorraine! Hope you weathered the storm well…..

  3. All the furniture looks so great. So sorry that the sale didn’t work out as expected due to the storm 🙁 Love that table. I’ll need to try that transfer method. You’ll have to give me tips on making your own stencils. I’ve never done that before.

  4. Great table, Lorraine! I love the shape and how you made it over. The colors are great together and I love the graphics you did.

  5. Love the table. I have a teeny iron too but have not tried it yet. I have a fear that holds me back.


  6. I’m so sorry your sale didn’t go well. Try again in a couple of weeks when all the turmoil dies down. Your projects are terrific. Now I definitely have to try the heat iron method. I tried it once and it didn’t turn out well, but I rubbed the iron and didn’t hold it for the 20 seconds you suggest. Your project turned out great.

  7. I’m just seeing your gorgeous table! I have also been crafting up a storm using a heat transfer tool. It’s so much fun to use. I even did a video on it 🙂

  8. HI Lorraine,
    Great pieces of work. Can you PLEASE send me the details of the copying process.
    I have tried to no avail to copy onto a table top, with a laser printed copy on proper photo copy paper using liquid transfer and rubbing technique. It transfers well, BUT the paper sticks, and I cannot remove it all without pieces being left and showing as a texture OR lifting the pieces and removing too much of the transfer (I do want the aged look of course)
    PLEASE help me, I have two projects sitting waiting for completion after a year!!! thank you in advance Jennie

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