Just Keeping Busy

Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint and supplies have been shipping out daily here and my stock is dropping!
I only have ONE Typewriter shade left! Goodness…time for a re-order already!

If you need some paint, just click the Storenvy button in the sidebar! Easy peasy! 
There’s also a “colors” link in the header of this page so you can get an idea of real life application!

In between, I’ve done some more decorating and arranging. We’ve varied between 90 degree days and cloudy 60 degree days….like today.
One day it just rained all day and I couldn’t get much done outside…..so I focused on paint orders instead.
Sometimes I don’t mind having to go from one thing to another but other times I get frustrated because I wanted to be finished with something and I just can’t!!
Are you like that? I’m never happy it seems! And I NEVER think I accomplish enough……sigh..

I made a nice vignette on the cabinet in the foyer. I found these great white pumpkins at Home Depot (of all places) and grabbed two immediately!

When the late afternoon sun streams in I always think it’s so pretty….

Aren’t those pumpkins great? I like to save clippings when I prune things. Those nice straight sticks are pussy willow branches. 

I moved some things around on the front porch too. 
I put the chairs where they would catch the sun and added some plaid blankets for the cool times.

Even though I have this Sellers brand hoosier for sale on Craigslist….it’s on the porch so I decorated it anyway.
Maybe it will sell this time if it looks prettier! If not, I guess it will head to the shop….it could make a nice display cabinet for the Milk Paint!

Back to work….heading to the shop tomorrow and I need to get some things organized to take with me.
I’m looking for a closer location because it’s difficult to keep the shop stocked as well as ceased and nice looking when I’m 1 1/2 hrs away. Keeping my fingers crossed, I’m on a waiting list for an antique mall here in town. 

Until next time…….


  1. Great fall vignettes! Yes those are really cool pumpkins! LOVE the color and shape!

  2. Love your gorgeous buffet and how you have decorated it- wow, looks so awesome!

  3. lorraine, that hallway vignette with the white pumpkins is drop dead gorgeous! just beautiful.

  4. I can’t believe you live an hour and a half from your space. My goodness. I’m 15 minutes away and I have to make a set time to get out there. Your white pumpkin display is magaqine quality, my dear Lorraine. It is absolutely stunning. The mirror, the buffett, the pumpkins, the dried hydrangeas…I could go on and on. You have outdone yourself on this one.

  5. That vignette in your foyer is beautiful!!

  6. Your foyer is amazingly gorgeous. I love those pumpkins and the dried hydrangeas.

  7. Your entry chest looks beautiful, Lorraine! I love that vignette and it does look wonderful with the sun streaming in. I do hate when I can’t finish up things I’ve planned to do. Right now I have a bad cold and sore throat so I’m not much in the mood to do anything and don’t think I’d have the energy anyway. I had several things I wanted to get to this week, but I guess that’s not happening. I’m on a waiting list for a local place, too. I know I could probably get a space almost an hour away, but I prefer to be closer, too. Fingers crossed for both of us!

  8. Your entry vignette looked so nice ! Love your white pumpkins and your cozy porch.


  9. Just found your blog and love it. The hall vignette is gorgeous! New Follower.


  10. Gorgeous, gorgeous table vignette….just love all those wonderful textures…and always love seeing your beautiful porch!!!

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