Sunrise on the Creek

Even in the midst of the most difficult times in our lives we can know that God is there. 

Every single day
for as long as there has been knowledge and awareness of such things…..

He has caused

the sun to rise and set
the moon to shine at night 
waves to come in and out
babies to be born
trees to leaf and drop their leaves
flowers to unfurl
rivers to flow

Even in the midst of despair so great that we think we cannot breathe or walk or eat or sleep or function at all…..He gives us the hope of consistency.

Consistency defies upheaval.
Consistency creates some sense of balance and order.
God’s creation will always restore us if we notice it and take comfort in it.

I remember reading The Hiding Place many years ago. Corrie ten Boom’s wonderful, heart wrenching, hopeful and restorative book about her and her family’s dedication to God during the horrible period of the Holocaust. She is in Auschwitz with her sister and the despair all about them is great. They are in the dirt compound, surrounded by barbed wire, guards and the walking skeletons of their fellow prisoners. Suddenly, on the ground they spot a small dandelion which has sprouted in the midst of this horror. The consistency of God’s creation was evident before them. His presence was confirmed and assured. No horror that man can wreak upon man can fight the eternal goodness and love that Our Father has for us. Our despair is fleeting in comparison to the eternal hope we find in Him. Out of despair comes growth and strength. 

We can fly away from this moment and find freedom from our despair and pain by remembering that tomorrow, and the next day, and the day after that….

we will see the sun rise…..


  1. I remember reading The Hiding Place. It stays with you all your life, doesn’t it?
    This is a beautiful, heartfelt post. I’m glad your faith comforts you in these difficult times.

  2. So true, and so encouraging! He is good all the time.

  3. Beautiful post. Thanks for sharing your faith with us.

  4. Wonderful post, Lorraine. Very touching and oh so true. God is good! And the picture of the creek make me homesick. 🙂

  5. Wonderful words Lorraine! That picture of your weather vane is exquisite.

  6. Because I’m crazy like this…… am I suppose to read between the lines?


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