It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas

I tend to be a renegade……
I know, you find that hard to believe….
I can be terribly resistant to things that go against my grain….
One is this incessant RUSHING of holidays!! 

Driven by retail competition
(Please know that I am not anti-retail nor am I ranting against Wal-Mart et al so don’t write me)

I must now buy my swimsuit in February
my winter coat in July
my Halloween decorations in August
acquire Christmas decor in October
make sure I have all my New Year’s supplies by Dec 1st
and begin grabbing boogie boards and pool noodles in January!!!


Alas, there is nothing I can do…’s like falling into a fast river and all I can do is frantically grab pool noodles and dangling tinsel as I rush by…
hoping one of these things will actually be what I want when I finally climb out….
exhausted and wrung out…..but triumphantly holding my pre-pre-pre season goodies!!

If I was a better blogger….
you know, those gals that have their posts already written for 
Christmas, New Years, Valentine’s day…….
you know who you are…don’t deny it….

Then, I’d probably LOVE this whole 
seasonal schizophrenia 

Instead, I gasp in dismay when I read the posts like 
“Fun Valentine Crafts for the Whole Family”
posted on February 8th!!!!

Look closely, I’m the one behind that big ball with the ‘8’ on it……

Maybe it’s a secret blogger/retailer plot so they can post before anyone else!!!
I categorically refuse to do Christmas decorating until AFTER Thanksgiving!

However, uncharacteristically….it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas around here.
Especially in the dining room….

where in 32 30 hours I will host Thanksgiving dinner…..

The shop I deal with here, Chartreuse, had a Christmas gala last week and I was swamped with wreaths………

I have printed and rolled and hot glued and snipped and glittered until I am beginning to feel like that hairy green critter that hates Whoville……

On top of that….
I have joined a fantastic Linky party with some of the most wonderful 
(well-prepared) bloggers in blogdom!!
These gals are head and high heels above me when it comes to blogging.
I am obviously a charity case….but it’s Christmas after all and we’re supposed to be nice to others, so they’ve taken me on.

However, in a dastardly plot to FORCE me to be Christmasy when it’s not even THANKSGIVING yet….

they have given me the FIRST week!!!

At least my subject is “Holiday Recipes”…..and I DO love to cook…..

So, beginning next week……make sure y’all come on back and see what’s cooking!!!

Then, you need to check out all the rest of these fantastic gals that are beyond great!!!
Here’s the info:

Can you believe it’s almost the holiday season once again?   I will be hosting a Christmas themed link party along with 7 other bloggers!  We are so excited to see inside your home and life this holiday season. 

This, That and Life Lindauer Designs Restoration House Finding Silver Pennies Shizzle Design Hyphen Interiors Bliss at Home Miss Flibbertigibbet
Each party theme will be hosted by the corresponding blogger on the date you see above on the graphic.
All you have to do is click on the host’s blog name above on the correct date (up to a few days after), check out all the inspiration they are providing for that topic, then link your project up with the host so everyone can see! 
It’s simple to link up – just put in the link to your project.  It can be on a blog, on Facebook or even an image hosting site. 
In case you’d like to advertise the link parties on your blog, here’s a small button for you! Feel free to put it on your sidebar, in your posts, or whatever you’d like.
See you for our first party on November 27th. Who’s planning to join in?

Hope to see y’all here!


  1. Gorgeous wreath Lorraine…and you are a magnificent blogger!!!…
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!!

  2. I cab SO relate, I feel SO much pressure sometimes when I haven’t done a post in days. I will look forward to this party, and TRY to be ready:):) XO

  3. I know! I was seeing Christmas decorations in some stores in August! Everything is too rushed. Wishing you a lovely Thanksgiving and can’t wait to host the Linky party with you! x

  4. I love your wreath…and I can’t believe how fast each season is pressed upon us. What next? xo Diana

  5. Love the wreaths. Looking forward to you kicking off the link party!

  6. Well the wreaths are GORGEOUS! I can see why you’re swamped!!

  7. Your wreaths are fantastic. I must be the only blogger who has not tried to do one of this so I just enjoy them vicariously.

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