In Remembrance

Today many bloggers have decided to have a day of silence on their blogs to remember the victims at Sandy Hook School.
I have decided to join them.
You can click on the link below and be taken to a page where you can make a donation if you wish.
Take a moment, or two, or three, to remember these grieving families and remember to count your blessings… matter how small they may be.

Although I have lost many people in my life, I have never lost a child. 
I cannot even begin to imagine the physical, gut wrenching pain that would cause. 
They will need much prayer to emerge from this experience……
right now, it’s very prominent and easy to remember. 
Make a note to yourself however, that next month 
when all the cameras are gone, 
the therapy dogs have gone home, 
the memorial flowers and candles have disappeared 
and the cards and phone calls have stopped, 
that you will say a prayer for them.

If you are looking for the linky party, 
Home For The Holidays 
just check back tomorrow for the Christmas Decor portion of our party. 

See you at the party!!!
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