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Oh for goodness sake!
Is it just me or do these things happen to you too?
Friday was supposed to be the day I posted about my favorite choices from the Holiday Recipe section of our little party. In case you haven’t noticed….it’s Saturday…AND halfway through Saturday to boot!
I worked on Tues Wed and Friday…ALL DAY…on transforming a warehouse into a retro wonderland for our church’s annual children’s Christmas party. I loved doing it but it made me anxious on Friday to get home and post these recipes.
Plus, I had been faithful to my party friends and even created a tablescape at 8am before I went to the warehouse.
Took pictures but didn’t have time to edit….not a problem, I could do it Friday evening….right?


Oddly, I could not get my computer to fire up….at all….not even a glimmer of activity….
Couldn’t download the pictures or get on the blog…..

Modem working…..check
WiFi OK….check
Changed the batteries in the mouse….check
Changed the batteries in the keyboard….check


I gave up at 10pm and drank wine instead…..sorry girls…..
This morning, I tried again….still nothing….
Dragged out the old laptop which has been sitting unused for months and… guessed it…..couldn’t do anything until the four thousand updates could be installed along with several restarts……
Finally, I could load and edit pictures and go back to the blog and get all my links……

Oy Vey

First up is this island chicken recipe.

It’s from Shelly at  A Little Bit O’ Shizzle

It sounded SO good to me! Here in the Southeast, we don’t have a LOT of island style food and this one is authentic. I hope you’ll try it!

Now, since I get to pick…I’m going to indulge my love of mushrooms…specifically….this mushroom soup…

It’s from Sarah (and Andy) at Our Next Great Adventure
It’s easy and looks SO wonderful. My hubby and I are big soup lovers, especially in the winter and I want to try it! It would also go very nicely with the pork loin I made for the party too!

Finally, I had to choose this bread recipe. I made my very first loaf of homemade bread when I was about 19. Thirty plus years ago! I just used a recipe from Betty Crocker and it came out wonderfully! bread is NOT hard to make and for several years, I baked bread very regularly for my family.
Not enough younger folks bake bread anymore and I think if they would try it, they would find it to be a VERY satisfying experience!

Home Baked Bread Recipe

This is from Tricia at The Domestic Fringe
Be adventurous! Bake some bread! Your family will think you are AMAZING!!

OK…..on to the tablescape…..but not here….it’s too long……check it out here instead!!

Don’t forget to link up YOUR whiz bang stuff all month long at this party!

See you at the party!!!
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  2. I always forget to switch from blogger to url – oops! Anyway, I hear ya on the technical issues! Nice choice on the wine though. 😉 That’s makes it all better ~ thank you for all of your hard work!

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